Miley Cyrus titty outtake from W magazine

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"The other day, Miley Cyrus dropped two titty photoshoots for two pretty major magazines and shit got a little bit of buzz because it was Miley Cyrus showing off her tits in photos for magazines…and this is apparently an outtake…that like the actual photoshoots will not throw a wrench in the internet and shut down servers…she’s cried wolf and drawn enough attention to herself that the only way she’ll shock or awe or even really excite the average person…is a sex tape…because no matter how over exposed any celebrity is, we will always watch them have sex…which isn’t shocking, but what is shocking is that a few years ago, when Miley was a 17 year old Hannah Montana…the idea of seeing her topless would have blown minds…and now that it’s happened so many times…no one gives a fuck…I wonder what it does to a girls self esteem knowing no one wants to see your tits…let’s hope it makes them next level their shit…"