Leonard Nimoy Diagnosed with COPD

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Science fiction's greatest living legend, Leonard Nimoy (you may know him as Spock [that's Mister Spock to you]), has revealed he has chronic lung disease.

Speculation as to the state of the iconic Star Trek actor's health arose after he was spotted in a wheelchair at a New York airport earlier this week.

The 82-year-old had a breathing tube attached.

Concerned fans have been seeking answers ever since "Spock" stopped appearing at conventions in 2011. He did, however, make a guest appearance in the recent movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, as well as in an Audi commercial.

Last night (Jan 30th), a tweet on Leonard Nimoy's official twitter account stated:

The sign-off refers to his character's well-known phrase from Star Trek, "Live long and prosper."

COPD is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It's a degenerative condition that makes it increasingly hard for sufferers to breathe. It is usually associated with severe coughs, wheezing and a shortness of breath. The leading cause is listed on many medical sites as being smoking.