The Funniest #AlbumsInMSPaint on Twitter

There's something about Microsoft Paint that we can't seem to get enough of. Even though it's crude and outdated, it evokes a powerful sense of nostalgia that makes it impossible to dismiss. In the past, we've been amazed by talented MS Painters who can make masterpieces out of basic pixels. But those who haven't mastered the art form are just as enjoyable, and that's because their works are so hilarious.

Recently, the hashtag #AlbumsInMSPaint has been trending on Twitter, enticing music fans to try out their computer skills in attempts to mimic famous album covers. We scoured the Internet to bring you The Funniest #AlbumsInMSPaint on Twitter. These covers date all the way back to 1979, with Prince's self titled release Prince, to the most recent cover, Drake's Nothing Was The Same.

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