One Direction Headlining a Coffee Cup Near You?

According to the Daily Star, One Direction will debut a new cafe this Tuesday in Shibuya, Japan.

Despite the looming grand opening, we’ve yet to find official word on the restaurant’s name or exact location, but a source likens the venture to “the lads' version of Planet Hollywood.”

So what can Directioners expect from this little place of heaven?

Oh, you know, just some themed menu items, 1D tunes around the clock, and oodles of memorabilia and merchandising — we’re hoping for the classic 90s-style leather jackets, obviously.

If all goes well in Shibuya, One Direction's crew will reportedly look to London next, followed closely by international hubs such as New York, Berlin, and Paris. Ooh la la!

Considering the boys' Midas touch, your local Starbucks will probably be overrun by this time next year. But keep morning-after discussion of your "Midnight Memories" PG — according to the Daily Mail's source, “The cafe’s will be very child friendly for younger fans.”

Serving pre-teens caffeine with Zayn Malik’s face on the cup: your best idea yet, Simon Cowell! Parents around the world salute you.


Can't wait for the punny drink names -- Malik-iato? Va-Niall Latte?