Babs Bunny (brucelynn) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Babs Bunny

Green Ranger Jason David Frank Challenges CM Punk to MMA Fight Again

Actor and MMA star Jason David Frank has once again challenged CM Punk to step inside the octagon with him. He posted the following on Instagram earlier today:

"So now that CM punk is out of his contracts and wants to do MMA. Why not me? He already said he fight me. I got this on video from a fan. Come on CM punk we could make this a awesome fight. Plus his weight is way down. This is a recent pic. I'll make any weight to make this happen!!"

This is definitely not the first time the original Green Ranger has thrown down a challenge to the Second City Saint. It all stems from Frank mentioning he would like to fight Punk, and Punk accepting the challenge loosely at a Comic Con event in 2013.


I hope it happens so that I can see CM Punk put the GTS on him tbh
Tags: cartoon / children's show, nostalgia, sports / athletes - wrestling

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