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Scream: The Series Updates/Rumors

Ghostface returns in June 2014 on MTV. A few Scream websites have been reporting the following Updates and Rumors!

"A friend of mine works for MTV’s scripted television department. She sent me some tidbits on the upcoming Scream television series.
The show is set to debut in June of this year.
The first promo for the series will air during the season finale of Teen Wolf.
No actual footage will be shown in said promo.
The show WILL be connected to the movie series.
One original cast member will be featured in the pilot. It may not be a speaking role. (aka it might be in a newspaper or television news cast)
Cameron Deane Stewart has tested for the lead Male role.

Now here’s some info on the Supernatural aspect of the show.
The idea to make the series Supernatural came when MTV was looking for a potential Teen Wolf Spin-off. The Scream Pilot script was really strong and the producers from Teen Wolf are behind it. MTV asked them if it was possible for the writers to re-write the script to connect the two shows. They did. It worked. The Supernatural script was phenomenal. However, the supernatural script did not allow the series to mesh with the Scream Film series.
When the Winesteins decided to push for Scream 5 the Supernatural Scream Series died. The show will now be connected to the Movies and will lead into/be referenced in Scream 5.
This is all the info I have at the moment…however expect casting announcements soon.

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