Alyssa Edwards' Reality Television Series 'Beyond Belief': Coming soon?

YAAASS! After nearly a year since it was first mentioned, Alyssa Edwards' reality series Beyond Belief is back in the spotlight. On the latest extra special episode of the YouTube mini series Alyssa's Secret, Alyssa gives fans a first look at the new reality television series she (and everyone else) is hoping will get picked up for a full season. The sneak peak just screams of potential. With the perfect combination of drama from parents, cattiness between the teachers, talented young dancers, and (hopefully) a whole lot of drag, we're shocked this hasn't been picked up yet! Logo, where are you?? We love Will & Grace and The Golden Girls as much as the next gay, but everyone knows you need some new original content (especially if the executive producer is RuPaul). Can you imagine all the Alyssa-isms that will have fans gagging?

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