Justin Bieber caught on camera in kinky strip club orgy

Justin Bieber is caught on camera “spanking” the bare backside of two strippers and “pulling off their panties with his teeth” in an shocking tape that could be made public, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

The 19-year-old pop brat — facing criminal charges on both sides of the border — was recorded on surveillance video inside a strip club in the Australian state of Queensland during his tour of that country last year.

In a still image provided to RadarOnline.com, Bieber can be seen with his baseball cap on backwards, a security guard nearby and his two partners in crime, who are topless.

The rest of the 12-minute “crystal clear” video sees Bieber in compromising positions and romping “with two strippers during which he spanks their bum and pulls off their panties with his teeth,” a source, who has watched the entire tape, revealed to Radar.

The video is being shopped to various media outlets.

The seller is demanding a fortune for the footage which was recorded in November, last year.