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Lorde Had The Grammy’s Messiest Manicure + Best (?) of Mani Cam

Tonight’s Grammy Awards brought out a wide range of looks from the bizarre to the deeply upsetting, and Lorde‘s fingers alone turned out to be the most controversial beauty choice of the evening. Not content to simply get a manicure, Lorde’s nail choice extends up her fingers up to her knuckles. I would go ahead and call this an “ink-dipped” manicure, and here’s to hoping it doesn’t catch on.

It looks like she literally stuck her fingers into pots of ink and then blew on them, hoping against all hope they wouldn’t end up all over her face. I’m guessing the reactions will be pretty mixed to this look, but I actually love it on Lorde. I don’t see myself throwing my hands into an ink pot before work, but it does work for her and the occasion. It’s kind of like the evolution of when I chew on a pen and it explodes and I get ink all over my face. Don’t say I’m not fashion-forward.

The Gloss

Grammys 2014: Mani Cam Roundup

Rita Ora

Rita Ora certainly put some fun at her fingertips with her colorful nails. Her nails featured the Batman logo, a smiley face, a heart, and a mustache on each individual finger. To top it all off she wore large, eye-catching rings on each finger as well. Ora definitely made her hands as much of a statement as her outfit as a whole.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry gave her fingers a sassy walk down the Mani Cam red carpet and kept her nails plain and simple to complement her music note gown. A pretty pale pink with two dark, sleek rings kept her manicure classy, proving that while she stays true to her sense of style, she's definitely maturing as a style icon.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus's long nails strutted down the walk clad in letters that spelled out her name. Her talons don't shock us with her blunt expression of herself, but the simplicity of her nails certainly give us an idea that perhaps the "Wrecking Ball" singer is headed to brighter ways.

Neon Tommy

I'm a week late to this but I can't let an opportunity for a nail post go...
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