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Christian Bale: I'm very naive

Christian Bale says people who lie are "dead" to him.

The actor stars alongside Bradley Cooper in American Hustle, in which he plays con man Irving Rosenfeld.

Although he loved the role, Christian has no time for people who screw others over in real life.

"I am not a good salesman and I'm also very naive. I always believe everything people tell me," he admitted to German TV Movie magazine.

"But as soon as I find out they're lying, they're dead to me."

Bradley takes on the role of FBI agent Richie DiMaso in the film.

The 39-year-old star says he also is too trusting for his own good at times.

"Every time, I swear I'm going to listen to my inner voice more," he sighed.

"I have my mother's intuition, but unfortunately I ignore it too often."

To go with his sleazy image, 40-year-old Christian had to make some drastic changes to his appearance.

As well as putting on weight, he sported a dodgy comb-over style, but his wife Sandra Blazic and daughter Emmeline, eight, had differing opinions on his makeover.

"I just ate all day long and sat around lazily. My fat pot belly made me look like Father Christmas!" he laughed.

"The gentle breeze on my head was very pleasant. My wife wasn't thrilled, but my daughter loved it, because she could play the drums on it."

With many great films behind him, Christian now plans on slowing down a little bit.

He revealed his New Year's resolution to the publication.

"I'm hoping for a break," he sighed.

"I filmed many films, one after the other, and it's high time I disappear from the spotlight."

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