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Miley Cyrus Megapost: On Liam, Madonna, and Tour

Miley Cyrus on speaking terms with Liam Hemsworth, still love each other
Pop singer Miley Cyrus has revealed that she doesn’t know where her engagement ring from ex fiancé Liam Hemsworth is.

The 21-year-old made the startling revelation in an interview with Love magazine, as she features as their Spring/Summer cover star

When questioned about where the 3.5-carat Neil Lane engagement ring, given to her by the Australian actor, was she said: ‘Don’t know. Think it’s in the shower.’

Despite her blasé attitude towards the sparkler she continued insisting that the pair are still on speaking terms.

She shared: ‘We still talk and communicate. I was with him since I was 16 and nothing’s ever going to make that go away. I’ve known this guy all that time and if it doesn’t work out I can still smile and love him and he can love me and that’s great, that’s the way to be. Life is too short. If you get called one day and, God forbid, that person isn’t here, then the last thing you want to know that you had your ego in front of you. If you love someone, tell them you do, if you want to be friends with someone, be friends with them.’


Miley Cyrus Explains Why She's Working With 5 Designers for Her Tour Costumes:

If you thought you'd seen all of Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour costumes, think again. "We have so many awesome designers working on everything. We have Jeremy Scott and The Blonds, and Cavalli made some really cool pieces," the singer shared with E! News' Ken Baker. "So many designers that have worked so hard…and Kenzo—amazing pieces!"

Yes, the pop star is wisely working with five designers to help combat what she describes as tour fatigue.

"It's funny, because I have ADD, obviously, and I get really bored otherwise, and even though you would think, you know, doing a show you wouldn't get bored, but you get so used to doing it. So I've made so many extra costumes and extra set lists so I don't have to do the same thing everyday. Otherwise I'm going to hate touring."

Well, we wouldn't want that!

Miley Cyrus Talks Working With "Fearless" Madonna, Why She's Kicking Off Tour on Valentine's Day:
Miley Cyrus' MTV Unplugged special that aired this week was certainly made all the more memorable when she was joined by Madonna for a mash-up of "Don't Tell Me" and "We Can't Stop." Not to mention, a fair amount of bumpin' and grindin' between the two artists.

"She's the kind of person that you can do whatever you want once you're on the stage," Cyrus told E! News' Ken Baker. "It's fun to be onstage with someone who is fearless. You don't have to think, 'Oh, should I do this? or 'Are they not going to like that?' or 'Are their people going to be mad if I do that?'"

Cyrus added, "It's nice when you work with someone who, like myself, doesn't really have anyone that you have to answer to, so it was really good being able to do that with her."


Advice for 'troubled' stars:

Tour sneak peek:

Hoping to have a better vday than last year:

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