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Courtney Stodden tackles a hunky new man on the beach ... as she leaves her marital home


With only two sleeps until the Super Bowl, this newly single teen knows how to levy an audience.

On the same cold and blustery day that it was revealed Courtney Stodden 'moved out' of estranged husband Doug Hutchison's house, she hit the beach in a thong bikini to exhibit her football talents with a hunky new man-friend, male model Ray Richard.

And as the scantily clad 19-year-old tried her hand at a range of sports on the chilly Los Angeles beach, she received a little gratuitous assistance from her new friend, who - in a remarkable twist - is also only 19.


In spite of the weather forecast reporting the opposite of beach weather, committed Courtney remained loyal to her regulation minimalistic wardrobe.

A skimpy thong bikini held up her important bits, whilst a sparkling crop top with the number '76' printed on it in sequins covered her surgically enhanced bust - until she discarded it to reveal an equally skimpy bikini top.

The thick and sandy terrain was no obstacle to the enthusiastic youngster either, as she shimmied her way across it in enormous cork platforms.

Ray looked a little out of his depth in his cheery fluorescent beach getup and floral flip-flops.

But his bright orange tank was soon discarded along with Courtney's bedazzled garment, to reveal a body that wasn't so much unattractive as it was natural and ordinary, in a way that screamed: 'I'm not not a celebrity, get me out of here!'

Carrying a selection of balls - a football, a basketball and badminton gear - the beaming duo strut around the beach with a towels slung over their shoulders, in case something possessed them to take a dip in the wintery Pacific.

Perhaps getting into training in case the Super Bowl called for her, Courtney spent the day practicing her catching and tossing skills.

Ray was kind enough to help the toned brunette out, standing mighty close to her practically bare behind as he gave her a tutorial on how to hold and handle the ball.

Once she got that skill set in the bag, the enthusiastic former teen bride moved onto basketball.

She slipped into tight white pants to conquer this next activity, but was sure to leave the top button undone so that her thong straps wouldn't lose the spotlight.

Ray definitely had this sport down-pat, by the looks of things.

With his tongue out in a giddy grin, the aspiring model/actor from Detroit stood over his new friend, who conveniently folded herself in half, backed up her rear, and leaned forward to make sure she maintained full control of the ball.

But with two hands on the basketball and a look of sheer determination, it seemed as though the main things out of control were her own round, bulbous enhancements.

Happy Ray was unrelenting on the basketball court, perhaps demonstrating a level of physical prowess that Courtney simply never found in 51-year-old Doug.

Meanwhile, Celebuzz is reporting that the vivacious brunette has moved out of the house she shared with her much older estranged husband, from whom she announced her separation in November.

'She moved into the studio apartment next door to the house she and Doug rented together,' said the website's source.

She's not completely out on her own yet, however, with the source adding: 'But Doug still lives in the main house. They're not divorced yet, so she’ll stay there until they figure out how they want to proceed with things.'

At the risk of raising the hopes of the world at large, Celebuzz also reported that the starlet is in the process of sorting out her own television show.

'Courtney's working on multiple on-camera projects, one of which is her own show. And she's being pitched to networks,' a source told the website.

As Courtney engages in an active social and professional life, it seems the former teen bride is moving onwards and upwards.

Or laterally, as the case may be, as she was spotted out for dinner on Tuesday with notoriously camera-hungry reality TV star manager David Weintraub.

Weintraub manages the likes of Scott Disick, Ray J and Michael Lohan, and he also recently engaged in a public grope-fest with Polina Polonsky - awkwardly, the woman who allegedly came between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom earlier in 2013.

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