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great interview with raven symone

Q : The Cheetah Girls 2 premieres Aug . 25. How was it to be reunited with the girls again ?

A: It’s great! I haven’t seen them (Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan) in three years. It’s kind of like learning everybody again because they had been (touring) together between those three years (without me). It was good to build those relationships again.

edit: I cut the big picture sorri for messing up ur friends page!

Q : What was it like to film in Spain ? Was that your first time visiting the country ?

A: Yes. I haven’t been anywhere — especially filming a movie — outside of America. I went to Canada for the first one, but at least they speak English in Canada. It was an interesting thing. I lived on the Mediterranean (in Spain). It was definitely an experience I loved.

Q : You’ll be touring without the Cheetah Girls this fall . What do you like about singing live as opposed to act ing ?

A: I think you finally get to see the people that have been supportive of you for so many years. With TV, you don’t get to touch them all the time. You might see them every now and then walking down the street.

With music and performance, they’re in one place. I get to see what they’re thinking and what they like. I love knowing what’s happening.

Q : Which do you think you’ll stick with more , music or acting ?

A: I really can’t tell you one or the other because each one gives such a different fulfillment to my life. Like I said, with music I can express who I am and opinions, and with acting I’m making a character come to life and releasing the different people who are talking to me inside.

Q : Speaking of acting , your show That’s So Raven recently became the Disney Chan nel’s longest - running original series . What do you think it was about the show that worked ?

A: I think it’s the physical comedy, which I’ve been doing for a long time. We really don’t take ourselves too seriously when we’re playing the characters. We’re trying to make ourselves laugh.

When you’ve been with somebody for five years, you have to say, "I’m gonna make you laugh today." That means the audience, they have to (laugh), too.

Q : There’s going to be a spinoff in the fall , Cory in the House . Do you plan to be involved with that in any way ?

A: I definitely want to be a guest star. I don’t know if it’s going to be as (my character) Raven Baxter, but I have to support him (Kyle Massey).

Q : What are you going to do now that you’ve finished filming That’s So Raven ? Another TV show ? Movies ? Another album ?

A: I have some movies in the works with Walt Disney Pictures. I’m starting a production company that’ll be pushing out some work with my face and without my face. Another album, definitely.

There’s still a bunch of things where I can find other (unknown) talent and put them on the board. I’ve had a very fortunate career where I think now it’s time to find other people. I want to (start a company) and give them a chance as well.

Q : Have you started a new album yet ?

A: I’m always writing, but nothing is set in concrete.

Q : You’re a big Johnny Depp fan . Have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man’s Chest ?

A: I didn’t see it! Ugh! You know what’s funny about me is, I haven’t gotten to see movies in a while because my own were taking so much time. But when it comes out on DVD, I’m the first one in line!

Q : You graduated from high school in Atlanta in 2004. Did you actually attend , or were you home - schooled ?
Has education been difficult since you’ve been acting all your life?

A: I was home-schooled for the last two years of high school, through the Internet, mostly — North Springs High School in Atlanta. But before that, I went to public school, failed algebra, went to summer school to make it up. I was in the step team. I did just about as much as you can do with a career on the side.

Q : Was it hard for kids to relate to you because you had such a success ful career ?

A: I think they had a preconceived notion on how I would be this hoitytoity girl. They didn’t talk to me at all. It took me months to find one person to break down and be like, "No, I’m actually really nice! Now can you tell everybody so I won’t be an outcast?" After that they got to know me and were like, "Oh she’s normal. She’s actually a bit crazier than we are." And it worked out.

Q : Do you ever feel like you’ve missed out on any key part of child hood ?

A: I didn’t get to go to prom, but I made a movie about it (For One Night for Lifetime).

Q : Is college something you’d even tually like to pursue ?

A: Most definitely. I didn’t want to go straight into college because I had so many other commitments, but I’ll go as soon as work slows down.

Q : What would you study ?

A: Culinary. I would love to go to Paris at the Cordon Bleu (cooking school) and be an executive chef, although I’m very bad at desserts.

Q : What are your cooking special ties ?

A: I have mixed things. I go from Italian to soul food to a little bit of Japanese. Mixing works for me. See my taste in movies.

Q : What role have your parents played in your career ?

A: They’ve been my managers for the majority of my career, and when I turned 18 they said, "Do what you want." So I got a new manager, but they’re still actively involved with my career. It just kind of took the pressure off of them. They’re with me 100 percent of the time and support me 3,000 percent.

Q : You’ve been such an inspiration to teenagers , especially black Amer

icans . Who were your role models growing up , and whose work now do you most admire ?

A: Let me answer the second part of it. Janet Jackson, Oprah and, of course, my parents for their selflessness. And when I was younger, I can’t even pinpoint one person that I didn’t watch. Everyone from Lucille Ball to Flip Wilson to Denzel (Washington). Name somebody, I’ve probably seen them. I’m definitely a product of television, and, it’s funny, because I never really watch it now. If I do, I watch an international poker tournament.

Q : Now let’s talk about some of your favorite things .

Favorite movie of all time ?
A: It’s a tie for four: the Matrix trilogy, which I consider one; Pootie Tang; Willy Wonka — I love you, Johnny Depp, but the first one got it — and Mary Poppins. I’m about to put it in, actually.

Q : Favorite color ?
A: Purple.

Q : Favorite thing to do when you’re not working ?
A: Sleep.

Q : Favorite food ( s )?
A: Pickled peaches. It’s an accompaniment to grits. It just tastes so good to me.

Q : Favorite holiday ?
A: My birthday. I believe everybody’s birthday is a holiday.

Q : Favorite vacation spot ?
A: Palm Springs (California).

Q : Favorite game ?
A: Boggle. That’s how I learned to spell. I was having a little problem with my teacher, but Boggle helped me out!

Q : I have to ask . Your show is called That’s So Raven , but I’m curious : What’s not so Raven ?

A: (laughs) I’ve never gotten this question before . . .

Well for Raven Baxter, not so Raven is to leave a friend hangin’. That’s so not Raven. Not so Raven is to not match shoes with your outfit. Or miss out on a great opportunity because you’re shy.

Q : What about Raven - Symone ?

A: I cannot help but keep it real, and it’s hard for me to hold my tongue. Not telling you how I feel? That’s not so Raven.

Q : Do you and Raven Baxter have anything in common ?

A: Only when I’m working do my shoes have to match. Otherwise, I’m a big mess. I don’t leave a friend hangin’. I try to prevent it from happening.

Raven will let them go and get stuck in a ventilation system. That’s something I will not do. I did that once on the show; I will not again (laughs).

Q : What advice do you have for teens who want to achieve their goals ?

A: It’s so important to be yourself. It’s great to look up to people and take good qualities from people, but be who you are. It’s so much easier to go through life living the truth than living a lie.

Things get hard, but that does not mean it’s the end of the world. It’s not the end of the world if a boy breaks up with you. There’s going to be so many more.

And make sure you find your own style. I’m always about being who you are and being yourself. You don’t have to do anything if it doesn’t fit you. If it doesn’t work for you, it’s OK to be different.

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