'Veronica Mars' Wins MTV Movie Brawl 2014

After nearly a month of voting in the 2014 MTV Movie Brawl, we're finally ready to announce the Most Anticipated Movie of the Year. But first, some statistics!

Specifically, one giant statistic: all told, fans voted more than 200 million times in the MTV Movie Brawl, and over 40 million times in the final round alone. That's significantly more votes than in the last Presidential Election (though to be fair, you can't vote for President more than once).

Point being, the winner of the 2014 MTV Movie Brawl had a fierce battle to fight from all sides, and despite overwhelming competition managed to eke out a significant win. Without further delay, the winner is:


Though "Vampire Academy" put up a huge fight, in the end the blood-sucking students of St. Vladimir's were no match for the detective from Neptune. And that was only the most recent of the surprising victories for underdog "Veronica Mars."

In the first round, the Kickstarter-funded movie managed to take down the highly anticipated Marvel Studios movie "Guardians of the Galaxy," but the biggest battles were yet to come.

Round two pitted "Mars" against the Robert Pattinson-starring "The Rover." And if you know anything about RPattz fans, you know that taking down the man is nearly impossible. Only a split in the vote between "Rover" and the also Pattinson-starring "Maps to the Stars" helped "Mars" eke ahead.

Then came round three, and the unbelievable happened. "The Hunger Games: Mackingjay -- Part 1," poised to be the blockbuster followup to 2013's biggest movie, fell at the last moment to "Mars." The entire battle was a tight one, with the two movies trading places back and forth, and often neck and neck. At the last moment (quite literally), "Mars" pulled ahead, taking the round by two measly percentage points of the vote.

Video from Ryan and Jason to vote:

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