Jim Cantore knees a kid right in the polar vortex during weather report


The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is prominent in the weather news business. He’s even referred to as “the rock star of meteorologists” in some circles.

So, it makes sense that a rebellious teen might seek some momentary notoriety by interrupting Cantore during an on-air weather report.

But in this case, Cantore took the teen's momentum right away from him, displaying some lightning-quick reflexes and deploying a knee-to-the-groin maneuver.

At about the 11-second mark, watch as Cantore looks off-camera just before the teen bursts into Cantore’s shot, screaming a high-pitched wail. But just as quickly, he emits a short yelp and runs back off camera after taking the receiving end of Cantore’s knee.

"Well, obviously here at the College of Charleston they're already having a good time,"Cantore says, without missing a beat.

You’d think the teen would have known better than to mess with the man who did pushups on air right in the middle of Hurricane Isaac’s 80 mph winds.