Jason London's Sharting Case Wiped Clean From Record


In July of last year, Jason plead guilty to disorderly conduct in exchange for the state of Arizona dropping an assault charge stemming from a brawl outside a nightclub that ended with him pooping his pants in the back of a cop car. He was ordered to complete an alcohol education program and pay court costs. He has recently completed all of his alcohol related classes and a judge has erased the conviction from his record.


Jason London was Dazed & Confused at an Arizona club last January. He sneezed on a bouncer. When the bouncer asked him to apologize, Jason punched him in the face. The bouncer then proceeded to kick his ass. When the paramedics came to take him to the hospital, he started attacking them and was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and assault. Jason started calling the officers homophobic slurs and said "I'm a famous actor. Look me up. I'm rich, bitch." When in the police car, he pooped himself while saying "I'm happy as shit."