Marlo Hampton says she and NeNe Leakes are no longer best friends


NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton were like two peas in a pod when they first met a few seasons ago on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But since then, the two dynamic divas have fallen out ever since Hampton’s high-maintenance attitude rubbed Leakes the wrong way during her “I Dream of NeNe” series. Recently, Marlo began appearing again beside her favorite gal pal on “RHOA” again but in a new interview with “The DeShai Cole Show,” Hampton revealed that she and Leakes are still far from best friends.

“We’re not the best of friends now,” Marlo revealed. “Nothing really happened. You know how friends have their highs and lows. Right now we’re just at one of our lows. I’m sure we’ll get back to our high.”

Despite being estranged from her friend, Hampton claimed that she still loves Leakes like a big sister.

“I look up to NeNe like a big sis. NeNe would be the one I would listen to,” Hampton said. “She has that motherly feel without being my mom.”

Hampton said that she’s not exactly sure why she and Leakes aren’t close anymore, but she said that she trusts that they can become close once again, if they are real friends.

“To tell you the truth it ain’t nothing,” Hampton said. “True friends should fall out and have a disagreement, but I feel true friends should also be able to come back together.”

Well, we can honestly say that it’s endearing to see such a softer side from Hampton and we hope that she and Leakes can one day find peace with each other.

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