Blind Items + Reveals

1. This forever A list singer/celebrity was trying to explain her vision for a new music video. She spent eight hours the night before shooting explaining her vision to the director and several hours more the morning of the shoot. When she tried to talk about her vision to her guest on the song he said f**k that I have some place to be in an hour. Let the cameras roll.

2. This dance pop group made their name by opening for a very religious top 40 band. That is the reason the lead singer of the dance pop group swears he is a straight. The various guys he was trying to tongue f**k last night at parties would disagree.

3. Last week I was enjoying a bourbon or three at a favored watering hole when a game began of who is the craziest celebrity family. The obvious suspects were discussed but quickly discarded when the topic turned to this family. It is unusual because the celebrity is the mother with an ever changing cast of characters who play the part of her male significant other. It's like they rotate in for a year or two and before you know it there is someone else. She was huge back in the day. She is aging but not old and at the peak of her fame was A+. People were talking EGOT for her. Number one movies and songs and a career that no one ever thought would die. It is flickering but mainly because she is just so crazy and so difficult to work with. She goes back and forth between men and women as her partner but only the men are seen in public. She is the biggest diva on the planet when she is on a film set. She makes constant demands and then changes them when they are fulfilled. She talks to herself all the time and there are rumors she has disposed of people close to her. She has child(ren). The child(ren) turned out as messed up as you would expect and the fights between parent and child(ren) have been spectacular which is usually fueled by drugs often taken by both of them at the same time. The mom doesn't think she has a drug problem but does. The child(ren) has/have since early teenage teenage years.

4. This B list mostly movie actor turned work whenever I can get it when the franchise isn't filming says he has a boyfriend. He also says the boyfriend is the love of his life. I wonder if the boyfriend knows about the co-star our actor hooks up with everyday around 5pm.

5. This married Academy Award winning actor wasn't shy about cheating on his wife this weekend with this C+ list celebrity with an iconic name. It seems like she will sleep with absolutely anyone.

6. This east coast Real Housewife thinks she has found a great rebound guy. Really young and good looking. She loves paying for everything for him and takes him everywhere so she can be seen. He is loving it too because he is telling everything directly to a tabloid. She doesn't know that part.

7. This now former reality star/pro athlete from a still popular reality show has been out of LA for awhile. He is running through his money very quickly and appears to be spending some of it on hookers and partying. The former reality star took turns taking three hookers into a bathroom at a really nice restaurant the other night. It was an every 15 minute thing. He always went but the hookers had to rotate. The one time he was gone longer than 5 minutes from the table was when one of the hookers took care of him in the bathroom. They always used the men's room.

8. This B list mostly movie actress had a big year in more than one way. She got kicked out of a class though for making fun of a woman's cameltoe. The actress has been kind of grouchy lately and there are rumors that her commitment phobia boyfriend may have struck again.

9. This former B list reality star turned "actress" was offering a Grammy discount last night to prospective suitors. She probably feels it is the Christian thing to do.

10. This former A+ list singer/celebrity who has dropped to A list tried to steal all the attention away from the guest of honor at a party this weekend. Our former A+ lister was being obnoxious and saying it was great they were honoring so and so but that our A lister sold more records and done more for the world and wouldn't shut up talking about herself all night. She made a lot of new enemies.

11. This A list reality star with A list name recognition had lots of appearances to make the past few days but only went to the ones where she had been paid a lot of money. The smaller ones she blew off to sit in her room and do line after line of coke. Kind of hypocritical don't you think?

12. This female American Idol finalist/winner with B list name recognition despite her accomplishment better watch out for her significant other. He sure has been seeing that tall blonde Victoria's Secret model a lot recently. He calls them casting sessions. Uh huh.

13. This almost A list mostly television actress who probably needs one more season of her network show to be full on A list wants a central character in her show written out because he doesn't show our actress the proper respect. Apparently he doesn't kiss her butt enough and the actress who used to be so sweet and fun has now turned into someone who is a huge diva and pain to work with. Painful to work with.

14. This A list singer/celebrity doesn't know it yet but his dad tried out the singer/celebrity's current girlfriend first before he was willing to introduce her to our A lister. Apparently this is something that happens frequently before women get introduced to the A lister.

popular guesses
1. Katy Perry/Juicy J
2. idk
3. Madonna
4. Zachary Quinto
5. Ben Affleck/Lindsay Lohan
6. Ramona Singer
7. Lamar Odom
8. idk
9. Farrah Abraham
10. Gaga/Carole King
11. Khloe K
12. Jordin Sparks/Jason Derulo
13. Kaley Cuoco
14. Bieber

1. This former Gossip Girl actress was filming a sex scene a few weeks ago but couldn't stop crying the whole time they were trying to shoot it.

Leighton Meester

2. Last month these two actors had a very interesting encounter. Both of the actors are B list but one is rising while the other continues to slowly drop and live off his A list name. Our dropping actor found himself seated next to the rising star at a screening and asked whether it was true about the rising actor's equipment. In response the rising actor unzipped his pants and pulled out his equipment. The falling actor asked if he could touch it and without getting an answer reached out and grabbed it. The rising actor freaked out and zipped up and found a different seat at the screening.

Michael Fassbender (rising actor)

3. Many of the high profile A list actors on the set of this huge budget box office busting project are complaining about their A list director. Apparently the director is so obsessed with finding teenage sex that he has been out every night all night long and then when he finds some teen dumb enough to hook up with him he stays up all night and comes to work on little or no sleep and is doing an awful job trying to turn what is a huge mess into some kind of finished project resembling a movie.

Michael Bay

4. These two A list mostly movie actors who each have an Academy Award and are social security age passed around a 22 year old during the filming of their last movie. She got paid very well by both of them and says it was the first time she had done anything like that before. This will be revealed.

Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas

5. This former A list celebrity/singer turned guest reality show judge has a crazy casting couch. Even though she really can't do anything for any guy she has a stream of 20 something guys that keep her entertained for a few weeks at a time until she moves on to the next one. She does nothing for the guys except make promises. This will be revealed.

Paula Abdul

6. This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show has millions of dollars in her bank account which is why she is being pressured to marry quickly before she has a chance to think about the pre-nup she should be creating. She is going to wake up in a year and find half her stuff gone.

Kaley Cuoco

7. This A list celebrity/singer has been only having sex with his much much younger girlfriend when she can get pregnant. He wants the money pie.

Marc Anthony

8. This almost A list singer anywhere in the world but here said that her recent boyfriend dumped her when she told him she had cancer. Well, her husband did the same thing before. She needs to find better guys.


9. The girlfriend of this former almost A list mostly movie actor and Academy Award winner/nominee who is now a punch line to a lot of jokes is so forgetful that he left her naked and tied up for hours because he had got up to go to the bathroom during sex and then became distracted with something else.

Gary Busey

10. This female celebrity chef/talk show host has gone to Playboy and asked to appear in an issue. Topless. It is not the first time she has tried to shake things up. I'm still getting over the first time though.

Rachael Ray

11. This A list model was going to send out a video of herself doing a line of coke before walking the runway this week because she thought it would be edgy. She isn't going to be A list for long even if she does keep pretending to date a certain A list celebrity guy.

Cara Delivigne/Harry Styles

12. This actress is B list. Mostly television. She was on a VERY hot show back in the day for an almost network. She has been working since she was a teen and is now a couple of decades beyond that. She has never learned to be nice though. Despite being in failure after failure she hasn't changed. I'm not sure how or why her husband sticks with her. This week while doing press for her new show our actress had spit flying out of her mouth as she yelled at a doorman for setting down one of her pieces of luggage on the sidewalk. Not thrown. Set down gently. He did it so he could open the door for her.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

13. This is not the biggest blind item in the world but I put it in this time slot because I think it shows you what you can do with not a very large budget and when you just make the effort to try and do something. This B list foreign born actor who has just taken off over the past couple of years and has always focused on movies here until now is most beloved by me for a foreign television show he was on. While he was filming his show last season he and the show's creator who is also a genius found that they had a ton of stuff left everyday from the craft service table. They started shipping the extra stuff to homeless shelters around town and food banks and then got the bright idea that they could use the budget of the show and order even more food everyday saying what they had was not enough. Soon their budget for food was enough for a group of people five times their size and not only did they manage to send thousands of dollars of food everyday to homeless shelters but also fed any homeless people who happened by the set.

Chris O'Dowd and Christopher Guest (HBO canceled the show so no more helping the homeless)

14. This B list mostly movie actress who has been going through some crisis management recently due to temper issues and has a famous last name says that back in the day this tweener didn't seem too concerned with his purity ring thing when he told her that she should get naked for him so he could check her out better. They were at a restaurant at the time. In a group. She declined.

Emma Roberts/Nick Jonas

15. This A+ list mostly movie actress who was also A+ list on television apparently had a little accident while having sex this past week. I knew her boyfriend liked it rough and so does she but things must have been more crazy than usual. Handcuffs. Lost key. No saw. This is the inference from knowledge she likes it rough and the boyfriend running into a hardware store in a pair of shorts and no shirt and asking if the saw will cut handcuffs. Any other idea what it could have been?

Jennifer Aniston

16. This A list mostly television actress says her soon to be ex almost A list mostly television actor husband has been spending money like crazy trying to keep his new celebrity girlfriend happy and has spent more on her in three months than he did during the entire marriage to the actress.

Amy Poehler/Will Arnett/Katie Lee Joel- Didn't work out though did it?

17."If I keep doing reality shows and hosting no one will ever take me seriously as an actress."

The crazy thing is that this former B list mostly television actress turned B list celebrity turned B list reality star turned mom was serious when she said it. I think it's sweet she thinks people think of her as an actress.

Tori Spelling

18. This former B+ list reality star who crashed and burned before making it back up to B list celebrity and B- list reality judge was offered the chance to host a charity event but turned them down because she wanted $100K to host it. They turned her down and an Academy Award winning actress did it for free.

Nicole Richie

19. Earlier this week this former B list celebrity and now D list ex was playing golf with some friends and the topic of his A list celebrity ex came up. He said that he should have got an Academy Award for the acting job he did on her and a couple of years and sucking it up has led to a lifetime of never working again. He said the fact they were both blitzed 95% of the time made it much easier to make it through everything.

Kevin Federline/Britney Spears

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