Lost Girl 411 Q&A (SPOILERS) + Interview w/ Linda Hamilton

‘Lost Girl’ Talk: Emily Andras on “End of a Line”

The showrunner reflects on the loss of a main character and actor, while hinting to what ripples that heartbreaking ending will cause.

Emily Gagne, January 26, 2014 11:00:20 PM

Do you still have your Kleenex box in your hand, Faenatics? Well, you better keep it there because if you thought that watching the end of “End of a Line” was heartbreaking, wait until you read what Emily Andras (OP: Lost Girl Showrunner and Executive Producer) has to say about it, particularly in terms of the cast’s farewell to a certain recurring actor and character.

Note: DO NOT proceed unless you have seen “End of a Line”. Huge, huge, huge spoilers regarding a major Season 4 death abound.

TV Guide Canada: Let me start off with some real, real talk. How can you do this to us, giving as a huge Hale/Kenzi moment — they basically got engaged — and then taking him away forever?
Emily Andras: I know! I’m sorry! I just think it’s the fourth season and it’s time for things to get really real. I think it’s time to see the consequences of people’s actions and that the danger in this world is starting to seep into our friends and family.

TVG: It really seems like one of the main missions — or themes — of this season is exploring the consequences of loving somebody with a dark past, or dark secrets.
EA: Yes. But not even loving somebody with a dark past or dark secrets. I would say it’s more about trying to be good enough to transcend your own dark past and your own dark secrets.

One of the biggest themes of our show that’s always spoken to me is ‘Can you be who you choose to be versus who you’re told to be?’ And you know, Kenzi made some mistakes earlier in this season and last season, as did Bo. One might argue that Hale didn’t tell Kenzi he was injured too. So, it was just a tragedy, as so many love stories are. It was Shakespearean.

But, as much as we feel the people we love are being punished, let’s not forget who the real bad guy is. And that’s Massimo right now.

TVG: Yes, it is! That was a surprise too.
EA: I’ve seen a couple of people pick out that it was him, but less than I thought!

TVG: Well, he looked pretty dead before! But it was kind of brilliant how you brought in Laveau to tie in the themes of resurrection. Were you upset when you saw that American Horror Story: Coven was using her as well?
EA: I was upset. And you know, they have this little actress called Angela Bassett [playing her]. I was like, ‘Damn you!’ There’s been a couple of times with True Blood as well has done a few things where we were like, ‘I swear to God we didn’t know they were gonna do that!’

But the truth is, our Laveau is more a Fae of the week and Steve Cochrane, the writer, has wanted to use her for a long time and it really fit the story. Whereas on American Horror Story — which I’m a huge fan of, by the way — they’ve made her this interesting, conflicted character. Hopefully they aren’t similar enough that anyone minds too much. And it certainly speaks to Laveau’s presence as a really fascinating historical figure.

TVG: Between the two of you, I’m sure there will be a lot more people reading about her.
EA: I hope so! She was really amazing. She used to do this incredible thing when she would work as a maid. She would be in the parlour or be in the kitchen and hear their mistresses gossiping and then she would turn around and in the evenings disguise herself as Laveau and feed these so-called secrets to the same women who came into the house and never noticed her. She was just such a savvy woman, way ahead of her time.

But just to go back to that theme of ‘I thought Massimo was really dead,’ that’s almost why, as horrible as it was, we really needed to make the choice that Hale is dead dead, that Bo couldn’t bring him back. There can’t always be magic and Fae reason where a death doesn’t stick on our show — I feel like we’ve kind of denied some themes of good and bad and what it means to be human [by doing so]. So, that was sort of thematically linked, that Massimo could escape death, but Hale just couldn’t.
TVG: So you can officially confirm that Hale can’t come back?
EA: Well, watch next episode and I think you’ll see. But there’s no doubting that Bo made a very powerful choice and, I would argue, the only choice she could, really.

TVG: Was the plan all along to kill off Hale? Did it have anything to do with K.C. [Collins] being really busy, or was it something you’ve had in the back of your heads for a little while and you decided this was the time to make it happen?
EA: We knew this season. We knew there were going to be a few deaths, to be honest.

I cannot speak highly enough about K.C. I would cast him in anything and everything I go on to do; he’s such a talent and he’s so beloved by the cast. And it had nothing to do with his schedule. I certainly don’t begrudge him his success; he’s going to go to be a big star, as are many of our cast. It was always about the story and the emotions it was going to provoke — what it was going to mean for Dyson, what it was going to mean for Bo and Kenzi’s friendship, and most of all, what it was going to mean for his Lil Mama. We dedicated an entire day to just filming the Massimo attack and death scene with Anna, Ksenia and K.C. because it warranted that attention. And playing those emotions, for the actors, is incredibly grueling, especially because the cast is so close.

As the showrunner, I don’t pull my punches with my cast, so K.C. knew about this early on. And we had a big farewell to him on the last day of filming and gave him a cake and some super-duper special golf club. The cake was amazing — it was in the shape of a fedora, which might make you cry even more. He spoke to what the show’s meant to him and what he’s meant to us, and we really are a cast and crew that’s incredibly close, so there was not a dry eye. (OP: Since they've given K.C. a going away party, I don't know why Emily said in the previous question to watch the next episode to see what happens, unless she 's just joshing about the party, but I guess Hale can always have a doppelganger Zamora cousin out there or something. Or maybe they are going to give him a nice funeral, or Bo goes to the Leviathan on his behalf for Kenzi, or the Zamora clan has something up their sleeve. I'm just trying to make m_pendulum feel a bit better; sorry bb, I don't think I can handwave this one.)

Anyway, we strive to do the villains as much justice as we do the heroes and this year we really wanted to have some real consequences. So, Hale’s one of them. Sadly.

TVG: What can you say about Kenzi’s journey going forth? She’s obviously going to be carrying a lot around, including the guilt for giving Massimo the twig, the anger at Bo for not bringing Hale back, and even just the dark memories of her past that we brought up again by seeing her family.
EA: Exactly. If you come from a home that’s broken and a bit abusive, in my non-professional opinion, you wonder, ‘Is this because I’m not loveable enough? Am I somehow responsible for the fact that this love isn’t pure, or expressed in a way that’s healthy?’

Kenzi had finally found something that was healthy and that seemed true and it was just snatched away from her. So, yeah, she’s going to have some guilt and blame. And I don’t know how good she and Bo have been. They’ve been a little busy and it might be easier for Kenzi to have someone else to blame who she loves and I think Bo’s going to have to take some of that on. So, Kenzi’s going to have some enormous choices to make come the end of the season.

TVG: Should we worried that something this big is happening a couple of episodes before the finale, when that’s when the real s–t usually goes down?
EA: I would say we have lots of s–t to go down! [Laughs.] I don’t know if worry is the word, but it’s certainly going to set off a chain of events that’s, hopefully, unexpected. And hopefully sets us up for a dynamic fifth season, if we’re lucky enough to get one.

TVG: Would you say anyone is safe at this point?
EA: Nooooobody. I would say absolutely nobody is safe.

TVG: Moving on to Vex, how much of his past as we learned it this episode could play into his future?
EA: I think it was that interesting theme, again, of how we see ourselves versus whom we can become. I think Vex had always thought that his father was a coward and a simple man and a cold man, so to hear this new storyline from Trick about his father actually being this incredible general who fought for what he believed in … Vex has never been anything but a jester, a clown — he’s done that to survive — but hopefully this will inspire him to be more than what he thought he could.

TVG: Speaking of appearances, Tamsin said she didn’t recognize Rainer when she saw a picture of him. Meanwhile, Trick seemed to accept his appearance just fine before. How much should we read into their differences in opinion?
EA: Tamsin has had two interesting encounters in flashback this season. We saw the moment where Tamsin traded Rainer’s soul for another chance at life, which is going to compromise her position as a Valkyrie and her ability to be a deliverer of souls to Valhalla. But the other thing we saw in the eighth episode is that Tamsin made a deal with this pure evil to collect Bo, the girl whose eyes were both blue and brown and who is both virtuous and lustful. I think we are supposed to take it at face value at the end of this, that she doesn’t think the evil she made a deal with is Rainer. It speaks to, once again, people being pawns in their own story.  (OP:  So Rainer didn't hire her after all.  So...Odin or Bo's Dad and/or the bat-wing horse - Pyrippus, "said to reside in the underworld and are responsible for driving the chariot of Hades"?  Place your bets.  If this isn't resolved by 4.13, hahaha. Probably won't be, since they are sweating over having a S5 and one of the "favoritest" things for shows on the bubble to do is to have a terrible awful cliffhanger.  Oh goody.)

TVG: Moving on to Linda Hamilton. She finally had a scene with Anna! Was the fight something you specifically wanted to write into this episode?
EA: Oh, 100 per cent!

I think Anna is such an incredible lead and such a good action heroine that it did feel like we had missed an opportunity [before]. And I know Anna really loves Linda and admires her, so it really was a gift to her. But it worked for the story too. I really wanted to see those two warriors go at it and I really thought that scene was hilarious.

TVG: What can you tease for next week’s episode, “It Begins”? I’m assuming we’ll get more of Massimo, as well as Rainer, who was absent this episode.
EA: Yes, we will. We see the return of Rainer and obviously it’s under incredibly stressful circumstances. The aftermath of Hale’s death has to be dealt with, and destiny really comes calling for Bo. Whoever is pulling the strings is starting to put the chess pieces on the chess board, and Bo is going to have to make some big decisions while not having all the information. She’s going to have to go on her gut, all the while trying to be there for her best friend.

We also see Lauren again next episode and maybe something she’s been working on might come to fruition.
It’s an exciting last two episodes — people are going to have lots of opinions.

TVG: Finally, any tips for fans trying to cope with losing Hale, considering that there is a week-long hiatus before this next episode?
EA: Re-watch the season. Write Showcase and tell them you want another 10 seasons. And you know, I know one guy, K.C. Collins, who would love to hear from you and know how much he meant to the show and how much he meant to the fans. Maybe some love letters to Hale would be a nice way to spend your time? (OP: K.C.'s Twitter is HERE if you want to tweet him something. He is also a regular on Saving Hope; S3 is currently airing)

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase. (Note, however, that the next episode does not air until Sunday, Feb. 9.)

Thoughts? Questions about “End of the Line”? Leave ‘em below! And be sure to check back the week after next for our post-mortem on “It Begins”.

Q&A: Linda Hamilton riffs on her ‘Lost Girl’ return

NOTE: You can see the whole interview @ source 2.
The actress, best known for the 'Terminator' series, talks finally getting to work with Anna Silk, what's next for Acacia's hand and the pros and cons of badass boots.

Emily Gagne, January 24, 2014 12:00:54 PM

This Sunday, she’ll be back!

In case you didn’t get that poorly framed but well-meaning reference, the “she” in question is always awesome Terminator actress Linda Hamilton, who makes her second appearance on Lost Girl (her first cameo was in Season 3′s “Delinquents”) with this week’s new episode, “End of a Line.” And, as Hamilton told TV Guide Canada from the set, her character, strong-willed hunter and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) mentor Acacia, is in full, mega boot-wearing, quip-dropping force this time around.

Read our full chat with Hamilton below for info on everything from her accident-prone first scene with Anna to the status of Acacia’s seeming lost hand!

TVG: How has it been coming back to Lost Girl after last year?
LH: I have been waiting, waiting to come back. Cause it was good last year and I knew that they were going to flesh out the character and give me more to do. It’s my dream job, totally. (OP: Better than Terminator? C'mon, Linda. But since there is the James Cameron effect to consider, I will give you a pass on that.)

TVG: How are they going to reintegrate you into the show this season?
LH: I don’t know if you remember, but last year they cut my hand off! So they left us all wondering and I was like, ‘Do I go to work with a hook? I’ve never gone to work with a hook before!’ But the wonderful reality here is, they can grow a new hand onto my stump, which actually presents a whole new set of problems in one scene. They don’t overlook the fact, they address the fact, and there are a couple of comic moments that come out of it.

But in the storyline, it’s kind of a coincidence that I’m here. Cause I’m now a revenant hunter and I happen to cross paths with a revenant that’s after Bo. It looks like it’s coincidental, but, you know, this character always has her own agenda …

TVG: Does that mean you’re going to get some crazy, fighting-your-own-hand scenes?
LH: Maybe … with a machete! [Laughs.]

TVG: I remember talking with you last year and you were wearing these awesome Michael Kors boots. Do you get to wear similarly badass outfits this year?
LH: Absolutely! [Laughs.] You know, I regret these boots! I’m always the trooper, like, ‘No, no, no, I wanna be tall!’ I have to stand next to Rachel, for God’s sake, so I have to wear high boots. So when they say ‘It’s uneven terrain,’ I say, ‘No worries!’

I tell you, I can do all the stunts, I can do all the things they ask of me, but it’s the high heels walking through gravel and I’m in agony! [Laughs.] Who knew? These boots look great, but my feet might never be the same!

TVG: Do they let you wear Uggs? Because I saw Anna rocking them in between scenes on set.
LH: You know, I wish that I brought mine. Because slipping out your boots is one thing, but then I have to put my sneakers on, which is just as much hard work. Next year I’m bringing my Uggs!

TVG: Would you say that this cameo is bigger than the one in Season 3 in terms of action? Because this season, in general, seems to be more intense on that level.
LH: Yes, they’re much more ambitious with their scripts this year. There are longer days, harder days and more in every episode. But I wouldn’t even call it a cameo this time. Last year it was a cameo, this year it’s some real good stuff…

TVG: It’s an arc!
LH: Mmm hmm! And hopefully it’s not the end of the arc. The arc is just starting!

TVG: In other words, you’re definitely game to continue with Lost Girl in the future?
LH: Absolutely! This is the kind of stuff I love — it’s edgy, it’s funky, it’s strong and it’s funny. What else does a girl want?

TVG: It really is a perfect fit for you, given you previous roles. Have you given Anna any tips on being a badass female icon?
LH: Not at all! Because that would be arrogant of me. And she certainly holds her own.

We’re in the middle of a huge … physical … scene right now. She actually knocks me down and it terrified her! She wasn’t meant to knock me and she was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I’m like, ‘Trust me, I can take a fall. I won’t even have a bruise!’ [Laughs.]

SOURCES: 1 | 2 (gif sources next to the gifs)

Apologies for the delay...I was feeling a bit blaaaah the past few days. As was stated at the end of the Q&A, Lost Girl will be skipping another week and will return on February 9th.  Even though this ep was a bit ARRGH!, Ksenia has pretty much pwned everyone these last two eps, especially.  You go, girl.  *snaps*