The Amazing Race All Stars, Season 24 Cast Officially Revealed

Team Youtube - Joey and Meghan - Season 22, 5th place (Ugh)

Twinnies - Natalie and Nadiya - Season 21, 4th place (Ugh)

Country Singers - Jennifer and Caroline - Season 22, 4th place (Who?)

Afghanimals - Leo and Jamal - Season 23, 4th place (Ugh)

Brenchel - Brendon and Rachel, Season 20, 3rd place (Actually excited to see them)

Dave and Connor - Season 20, 8th place (They deserve a 2nd chance)

Globetrotters - Flight Time and Big Easy - Season 15, 4th place; Season 18, 2nd place (Really? they need another shot at this?)

Jessica and John - Season 20, 9th place (No to this team and his hair)

Cowboys - Jet and Cord - Season 16, 2nd place; Season 18, 6th place (Another team that doesn't need a third try)

Margie and Luke - Season 14, 3rd place; Season 18, 8th place (Not again...)

Mark and Bopper - Season 20, 5th place (Indifferent...)

One team doesn't even make it to the starting line. If you paid attention to casting spoilers at all, [Spoiler (click to open)]Mallory was seen on the race with Mark, so something must happen to Bopper


This is more like Unfinished Business 2 than All Stars 2. There are very few of these teams I would legitimately consider All Star caliber.