More JLaw/Dior? + X-Men Empire Covers

“American Hustle” star Jennifer Lawrence is set to sign a multimillion dollar deal with Dior for a three-year partnership, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

The deal between the Hollywood star and the Paris fashion house is worth between $15 and $20 million, and the talks are being brokered through her agents at CAA, we’re told.

Lawrence became a spokeswoman for Dior in 2012, after starring in the first “Hunger Games” film, and Dior creative director Raf Simons said of Lawrence at the time: “I was . . . struck by her incredible on-screen presence in these blockbuster films, but also . . . by her powerful interpretations of subtler, more rounded characters.”

Soon after, the actress was appearing in a campaign for Miss Dior, and creating memorable awards-show moments in Dior designs. At last year’s SAG Awards, the “Silver Linings Playbook” star wore a tiered blue gown, and when she rose to pick up her best actress honor, a panel of fabric was accidentally exposed. Many viewers believed the dress “fell apart,” but its designer explained it was the gown’s “tulle and satin” layers that were revealed, and, “It was not ripped and there was no malfunction.”

The actress got even more attention in Dior when she later fell up the stairs at the Oscars in a gorgeous fit-for-Hollywood white Dior frock.

On the awards circuit this season, a full-length white gown with black bands worn to the Golden Globes for “American Hustle” sparked endless online memes.

Reps for Dior, CAA and Lawrence had no comment. But a Hollywood source said, “There’s no signed deal, but Jennifer’s had a great relationship with Dior to date, and is open to the idea of continuing a partnership. But there’s no deal in place.” Another source tells us that Dior wants to dress Lawrence exclusively for the red carpet and shut out other design houses that are vying to work with the Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee.

Previous spokeswomen for the brand have included Marion Cotillard, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and Mila Kunis.

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In addition to a new look at the mutant-hunting Sentinels, Empire's impressive 25 variant covers for their latest all-X-Men issue offers a new, revealing glimpse at Jennifer Lawrence back in blue as the shape-shifting assassin Mystique.

You may notice that the "Days of Future Past" version of Mystique looks noticeably different from how she appeared in "X-Men: First Class."

Speaking with director Bryan Singer back when the first trailer for the mutant meet-up arrived, he explained to MTV News that the character design for Mystique was rejiggered to bring her closer to what Rebecca Romijn looked like in the original "X-Men" movies.

The result is a very blue Jennifer Lawrence that's also a very bare Jennifer Lawrence.

But Mystique isn't the only mutant to grace her own cover of the latest Empire, the magazine also features our best look yet at Quicksilver, the character both "Days of Future Past" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron" will feature in different iterations. (Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play an entirely seperate Quicksilver in the upcoming Marvel Studios sequel.) The "X-Men" version of the ultra-fast character has already met a lot of criticism on the internet for some dated, on-the-nose design details, like his silver hair, jacket and goggles.

The Empire covers also confirm a story that was originally reported by MTV News. On one of the variants, Evan Jonigkeit appears as a younger version of Toad, who originally appeared in the first "X-Men" movie played by Ray Park. The Toad from the 170s sports a Travis Bickle-style Mohawk and a pair of goggles that would make Quicksilver jealous.

Empire has yet to reveal all 25 variant covers of its "X-Men: Days of Future Past" issue, so keep an eye on the "X-Men" Twitter feed to see the rest.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" opens in theaters on May 23.

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There are a few more covers here.