For the 5 (if that) of you watching this... RW Ratings on the Rise?

Real World Ex-Plosion: Episode 3 Ratings

January 23, 2014 · by

Perhaps The Real World is making a come back? Last night’s episode of The Real World saw a fairly significant increase from the previous week.

According to TVByTheNumbers the third Ex-Plosion episode was viewed by a total of 1.290 million people (about 300,000 more than last week) and received a rating of 0.8 in the 18-49 demographic (up by 0.2). The Aftershow was viewed by 1 million people with a 0.6 rating in 18-49.

That increase is pretty significant. This episode was rated higher than any episode of Real World Portland and Real World St. Thomas.

Hopefully this upward trend continues once the Exes arrive next week! Also, next week’s episode is coattailing Miley Cyrus Unplugged, so maybe that will lure a couple extra viewers in.

I can't tell if any of those videos are working or not so I threw them behind a cut and found this "article"
This whole twist deal with the exes coming in has officially changed the real world into a different show, I think. It kind of sucks, but I actually sort of like this cast (aside from the glaring flaws) Especially now that you know who is gone.

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