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Farrah Tweets About Ignorant Lesbians

On Thursday's episode of Couples Therapy Dr. Jenn Berman asked Farrah during a group session about trust issues and she opened up about her “sex tape.” She got emotional as she explained:

I feel like I’m very hurt from the sex tape thing. I’m sick of f**king being tough about it all the time. I handled it but it’s like hard to deal with. It’s made a difference in me and it’s made a difference in who I date and my friends even and other things that have been brought up where people are thinking it’s a porn or all that sh*t. I do not not want that to f**k up my whole life.

Sada: I am not judging about the sex tape at all, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the sex industry and I know you said you don’t work in the industry but when we were talking about it you had said to me that it was filmed with one of your boyfriends. I’m just curious which boyfriend that was.

Farrah: He does porn for a living, like that is his job. He actually like… That is his career.

Sada: I’m just curious as to how that was a sex tape filmed at home when there is actually a camera crew filming…

Farrah: No there was not. There was only me and the camera person. So where are you seeing a camera crew?

Sada: Different angles.

Farrah: I can straight up, honestly say there was never any other person ever around us when we were having sex.

Sada: You just said camera person?

Farrah: I don’t know if I ever said “camera person.” Putting words in my mouth and stuff, it’s kind of like a touchy subject.

Sada went on to explain that she understood Farrah, that she and her partner had been filmed having sex and it was shown on TV and that she only felt like Farrah should just be honest about what happened in relation to the tape for herself moving forward.

The rest of the episode featured a number of the cast members talking about the perceived dishonesty she conveys when talking about her sex tape and how it made it difficult for them to trust her.

Here are Jon Gosselin’s comments:

“I think she shot a porn. To be blatantly honest I think she shot a porn, she feels ashamed, she has regret and she’s trying to cover it up with a sex tape story. Who cares what you do. If you want to be a biker, be a biker. If you want to be a dentist, be a dentist. If you want to be a porn star, be a porn star. I’m not going to judge you either way, just like own up to it. I’m judging the fact you’re not telling the truth.”

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