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Preview of the KING's Wonderful Pistachio Ad

This year's Super Bowl commercials will feature several new faces to the advertising world, perhaps none more striking than Stephen Colbert, the Comedy Central star who became a household name skewering TV pundits on The Colbert Report. Colbert will hawk Wonderful Pistachios, a brand noteworthy for employing some of the more unusualpitchmen in ad history. What can we expect? Judging by the company's recently-released teaser, more or less the same Colbert who's on TV every Monday-Thursday.

The bluster, the suit, the cocked eyebrow, the background eagle - it's all there. That persona is why Colbert is so successful, and it's what people want to see. Although the teaser doesn't give much away in terms of what's in store for the ad, it does show the spot will follow a tried-and-true formula for success - this won't be the first time Colbert ventures outside the confines of his studio still in character.


my baby in that suit. he looks so good.
Tags: celebrity endorsements, stephen colbert / the colbert report

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