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Beyonce thinks that Haley and Mckenzie Small are ***Flawless

You know when Beyonce gives you an online thumbs up, you are on the right track. Two singers from Toronto, Haley and McKenzie Small, got Queen B’s seal of approval this week when she posted their cover of Pretty Hurtson her Facebook page. It is actually amazing.

When they came in to Much, Liz had to ask them how they felt when they first found out. “I’m on my Instagram and I started to see notifications pop up saying, ‘Bey sent us here,’…’ Bey told us to watch this video,’” Haley Small said. “I was screaming around the house and then I texted McKenzie and she didn’t respond for like hours.”

McKenzie knew this would be a great song for two young women to sing. “Social pressures takes a big part in high school. I’m in high school,” she said. “The way you look is a huge part of life so Pretty Hurts really does represent everything about that.”

Watch the rest of the interview at source.

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