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New York Times Magazine makes a splash with bizzare Hillary Clinton cover

The New York Times made a splash with the cover for its upcoming magazine, which features a bizarre image of a skin-toned planet with the eerily-smiling face of Hillary Clinton stretched across its circumference.

The cover for this week's New York Times Magazine focuses on a feature story about Clinton, former secretary of state and wife of President Bill Clinton, and her influence on those around her — her gravitational pull, if you will.

The Times' Arem Duplessis wrote a blog post explaining the process behind the bizarre image. After discussing Clinton's influence on others, naturally, "the immediate idea that came to mind was Clinton's face embedded on a planet, similar to the man-in-the-moon image from the 1902 silent film Le Voyage Dans la Lune."

So they enlisted Jesse Lenz, who composed this Golf Digest cover of Donald Trump's face composed entirely of green hills and sand traps.

A work-in-progress image also included land masses to stand in for Clinton's hair, but had too much going on visually, and "had to be simplified."

Vanity Fair called the cover "a Dadaist masterpiece whose publication is a direct rejection of a central tenet of art/literary criticism that everything means something," extolling its virtues of black hole-like un-sense.

It's difficult to think of an image as ripe for Photoshop parody as Planet Hillary, and creative minds got the ball rolling, so to speak, almost immediately.


Will you be voting for Hillary in 2016? Do you regret not supporting her in 2008?
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