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ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars? The Lost Brangelina Post & a bonus on ONTD's stars!

After several requests, I decided to give you my couples post on Brangelina! And some preliminary numbers on ONTD's astrology!



Was it love at first sight?
Rumors plagued their relationship early on, and to this day, people are still arguing and speculating over what happened… Angie has her Moon (planet of emotions and instinct) as well as Mars (planet of physical energy/action & sexual desire) in Aries. This is a strong indication that she was the instigator of this union. Aries is a sign that gets what they want, can never get it fast enough, but also live for the thrill of the chase and it is being occupied by the planet that rules over our instincts and deepest desires (the moon). Angie’s Sun (planet of ‘self’, personality, & ego) in Gemini gives her ample versatility- not to change into the kind of woman she thought Brad would want, but to allow the parts of herself that fit into what he wanted become more prevalent- after all, Gemini’s do have a face for every occasion. Let’s not sell anyone short though, it’s not like she was able to snap her fingers and make Brad come running to her. In fact, I would suspect the opposite. With Brad having both Venus (planet of love, money, surroundings) and Mars (planet of physical energy/action & sexual desire) in Capricorn, he isn’t the type to run out on his wife OR to give his heart away on a whim. These placements in Capricorn make for a cautious soul- even for Sag the spontaneous adventurer- and with Venus in Capricorn, which is a heavily image conscious sign since Cap rules over public image, he does care about how his relationship appears to the public. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was ONE tryst between these two to get the fire started, but I still doubt there was any full-fledged affair. Overall Brad is the type who wants to win someone over by showing them how stable and competent they are, and in order to get their attention, you also have to show how practical and reliable you are as well.

What are the ins & outs of this couple?
Brad is a laid back guy, full of big ideas, ready for new adventures, but never straying from his goals or his family. Angie is a powerhouse of bombshell gusto, charming wit, and raw emotion, so where do they find their common ground? In intellect and family. Sag and Gemini are polarities, meaning they sit opposite from each other on the astrological wheel, and represent two ends of the same area’s in life. Sag and Gemini share the “mental axis” where Gemini rules over logical thinking and curiosity, early education, as well as short distance travel; alternatively, Sagittarius rules over broader, philosophical thinking, higher education, and long distance travel. Together, there is no idea big enough that they wouldn’t tackle and there is no location exotic enough that they would not travel. Brad having Capricorn so prominent in his chart, with the moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all occupying the stern-and-steady goat, he still has a very serious outlook on life but still holds the belief that people are free to do what they want with their life (a common Sag mindset). When it comes to Brad, and his life, he has his goals set, he isn’t afraid to work hard to achieve them, and with Capricorn ruling over “the father,” he takes his duty to provide security and comfort to his children very seriously. I would expect that when it comes to parenting, Brad is the disciplinarian, due to his authoritative Capricorn nature, but probably isn’t much for punishment, and is probably more for “consequence of the universe” discipline, where happy-go-lucky Sag sits down with his children and explains to them “doing this will lead to this…” believing of course, that a punishment is the equivalent of giving a man a fish, but explaining the karmic consequences of the bad actions is the equivalent of teaching a man to fish. Angie is definitely the Mama Bear. Cancer, the sign that rules over the home and family as well as “the mother” and is prominent in her chart, as both her Venus (planet of love, money, surroundings) and ascendant/rising (“the mask we wear”/our interpretation of events/surroundings). These placements are what add a caring, sensitive, and familiar feeling to her presence and it is expressed best through her love for her family. On top of that, her Aries placements indicate a strong protective streak when it comes to her children- as Aries are often revered as the most protective parents in the zodiac; with both the Moon and Mars in Aries, she is sure to have a quick reflex to taking down anyone who messes with her kids. This is a real turn on for Brad, whose Capricorn placements want to have a secure and stable home life as well and is equally protective over his family but would handle issues with his kids in a more subtle and logical manner. Brad’s the parent that knocks on other parents doors, Angie is the one who sits in their classroom all day staring down bullies. Overall, they probably have a great dynamic, a little bumpy at times, but Brad’s Sag sun/rising really loves that he has someone who is equally interested in travel, can be spontaneous, and is involved in so many projects that speak to worldlier and more philosophical premise and offer the mental exploration he seeks. Angie appreciates that Brad values her individuality but he also acts as a grounding force for her, making her question her impulses and mercurial emotions. Together, they have and can continue to conquer so much, with each one having traits that the other may lack- as long as they know how to harness that into one super-being, then there are no limits.

Hot sex life?
Probably. Mars is also the planet of sexual energy and desire, which is amplified in Angie’s chart when it lands in it's home sign of Aries, amplifying her sexual energy and gusto and bringing that adventurous Aries flair into the bedroom (or bathroom, kitchen, coat closet, back seat, Disneyland rides- wherever). Even though Brad is a Sagittarius, which are rather open to sexual exploration and spontaneity, his Capricorn influence probably tones a LOT of it down, while Angie is more ready to get down to business and probably possesses the kink in this relationship. However, anyone who tries to put the “Slut” label on her (*cough*chelseahandler*cough*) might want to re-think that... While I wouldn’t doubt her having had a paramour or two in her life, her ascendant and Venus in Cancer placements show someone who truly wants love and finds sex without intimacy or with someone you don’t care for lackluster. Overall, I’d say conventional with a streak of spontaneity and Angie spicin’ it up with a little kink every now and then.

What could end it?
In the event that this union was no more, I would only suspect one thing: infidelity or money, and both of those are reaching. Angie’s Cancer placements and Brad’s Capricorn placements will make sure they’re never out of money and gives them both dedication to their family, as Cancer and Capricorn are polarities which share the "responsibility" axis. Both their sun signs have a penchant for forgiving and forgetting which makes it easy to overcome any communication mishaps or disagreements with business dealings. I think they’re on the same page- so barring anything insane, I don’t see it ending.

If you follow my astrology posts/astrology comments, then you know that I have been working on natal chart interpretations. As a way to keep track of all the data and make sure I don't respond to repeat requests, I started an excel spreadsheet- NOW, thanks to my amazing excel skills and knowledge of how to use the sort & filter feature, I compiled the data into an easy to read graph!

Disclaimer: Obviously, some data was not complete since some requests I got only provided me certain planets, did not give complete birth info, etc. But this is what I got...

[Data (click here!)]Charting graph

So, do we find this interesting? Do we need a larger sampling? Any thoughts on the more popular planetary aspects? I have to say, I was very surprised by how many Mars in Capricorn there are around here...

Source for celeb birth charts

For those of you interested in getting your own chart, I recommend this site.
In every post, people are like "this is cool, but I have no idea what it means..." so this is my tumblr- it's not a source because my brain is the source, but it does have a shit ton of handy little articles I put together for you folks, enjoy!

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And these books:
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"Astrology: A comprehensive guide to classical interpretation" by Kevin Burk

I'm having a horrible Friday at work, so.... astrology party post til FFAF comes to save us? My body is ready tbh.
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