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Goldie tweets support of President of Nigeria days after signing anti-gay law/quickly apologizes

Yesterday, actress Goldie Hawn tweeted a photo from the World Economic Forum at Davos in which she shook the hand of Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan. apologizes

Said Hawn in the tweet: "Met the wonderful President of Nigeria".

Hawn was quickly informed of the heinous anti-gay oppression Jonathan has inflicted on the country's gay and lesbians population with his signing of a new law criminalizing gay unions and gay organizations. Dozens have been arrested across the country and are facing trials in Shariah Courts, where homosexuality is a possible death sentence.

The tweet has been removed amid a flurry of responses from Hawn expressing her regret and embarrassment over the photo.

Goldie's Statement from GLAAD:
"Like too many Americans I had no idea what sort of persecution and discrimination LGBT people in Nigeria are going through. I am shocked, appalled and heartbroken. STOP these atrocities!"

As well as more on the Nigerian Law:

The "Same Sex Prohibition Bill," provides sentences of 14 years in prison for same-sex couples. The law also enforces a 10-year sentence for anyone that participates in a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple or offers public support for LGBT people. Dozens of people have already been arrested under the law, with angry mobs recently demanding the executions of 11 men arrested for belonging to LGBT organizations.

As Goldie Hawn stated, many Americans are unaware of the atrocities faced by LGBT people in countries like Nigeria, Uganda and Russia, and the draconian laws being passed in order to create an anti-LGBT climate and spread false information against the community. GLAAD is working with advocates in those countries to elevate their stories and raise awareness around the horrifying conditions in which they live simply because they are LGBT.

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I def have to agree with her that this information isn't really out in the mainstream as it should be. Outside of LGBT blogs, MSNBC I don't think people are as aware of what's going on with gay rights outside of mariage equality here. It wasn't till last week CNN finally talked about Russian's nazi groups targeting gay teens and that's AFTER the leader was arrested in Cuba. So I don't fault her for not knowing and I am happy she has apologized.
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