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10 Best Super Bowl Moments For People Who Don’t Care About The Super Bowl

America is officially Super Bowl crazy. Even those of us who don’t care about the Seahawks or the Broncos are psyched for the pop-culture pageantry of it all: The commercials! The halftime show! The naked dude who streaks onto the field!

To prove there’s much more to the Super Bowl than touchdowns and yardage, NewNowNext has gathered our ten favorite moments in Super Bowl history that have nothing to do with the game itself.

Beyoncé Brings Kelly and Michelle On Stage (Super Bowl XLVII, 2013)

Beyoncé‘s halftime show last year was so electric, it literally knocked out the power. But our favorite OMG moment was when Queen Bey brought out former Destiny’s Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland to help her sing “Single Ladies.”
And just as quickly shooed them off the stage.

Apple’s “1984″ Commercial for the Macintosh (Super Bowl XVIII, 1984)

You might not remember this Orwellian ad from Blade Runner director Ridley Scott—heck, you might not have been alive for it—but the spot basically originated the trend in epic Super Bowl ads.
It also established Apple as a forward-thinking corporation that provides must-have personal technology—an impression that still exists today.

Mario Lopez Runs in His Underwear (Super Bowl XLVII, 2013)

After losing a Super Bowl bet to Maria Menounos last year, Extra correspondent Mario Lopez had to strip down and run through the streets of Los Angeles in nothing but his underwear and a Ravens helmet. (The Ravens beat the 49ers that year.)
Of course, it gave Lopez a chance to show off his amazing body—and his Rated M line of underwear—so he wasn’t exactly crying about it. And neither were we.

Madonna Vogues at the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLVI, 2012)

Madonna broke the record for most-watched halftime show in 2012, with a reported 112.5 million viewers tuning in. Did we expect any less from the Material Matriarch? Though the set featured M.I.A, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green and even LMFAO’s Redfoo, the most spectacular moment had to be when Madonna, borne onto the field like Cleopatra on her sedan, led everyone in a regal rendition of “Vogue.”
Strike a pose, indeed.

Whitney Houston Sings The National Anthem (Super Bowl XXV, 1991)

When you think of music at the Super Bowl, we usually think of the halftime show. But in 1991, in the midst of the first Iraq War, Whitney Houston brought the country together with a flawless and heart-melting version of “The Star Spangled Banner.”
Houston released the song as a charity single benefiting soldiers and families of those stationed in the Persian Gulf. The song was re-released after the 9/11 attacks, landed on the Number 6 spot on the U.S. Hot 100 and went platinum.
Only an immortal talent like Houston could make the National Anthem a chart-topper twice.

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