Gaga's 'Gypsy' May or May Not Be The Third Single Off Artpop

News broke Tuesday afternoon that Interscope's Kedrick Phan, the Assistant to the President of Promotion/Radio and Video promotion coordinator -- according to his LinkedIn profile, uploaded audio of the 14th track off ARTPOP, "Gypsy". The Madeon produced song also appears on the official Interscope radio playlist website. Usually, this means that the track will be sent to radio within a few weeks time. However, this isn't always the case. After links were exchanged and the news spread, the power of assumption took over and led fans and fansites alike to believe that this is in fact the third single from ARTPOP.

PropaGaga reached out to a member of the Haus of Gaga, who confirmed that the song being uploaded is not a confirmation of it's status as a third single, and that they weren't sure why the track had been uploaded. "We haven't chosen the song yet," they continued. So what does this all mean? Well, it means that "Gypsy" isn't necessarily not the third single, but it also means that they have another song or two competing for this spot, and we should wait for an official announcement from Lady Gaga or the Haus of Gaga.