It's OFFICIAL! Lady Gaga to release 'GYPSY' as next ARTPOP single

Lady Gaga’s record label Interscope has announced “Gypsy” as the third single from the singer’s latest album ARTPOP.

“This song is about travelling the world and sometimes feeling very lonely, but being okay with being alone because I have my fans and because when I get to a different country they are my home just for the day,” Gaga said of “Gypsy.”

She added: “This record is all about falling in love but it’s also about what I think the key is to staying in love. That’s not trying to stop the other person from being on their own journey, not trying to stop them from being who they are.”

The track was co-produced by young French DJ Madeon and Lady Gaga, and co-written by Lady Gaga, Madeon, DJ White Shadow and RedOne. This is Gaga’s first collaboration with RedOne since the 2011 single “Judas.”

You can purchase Gypsy on iTunes here.