Paolo Nutini releasing a new album!

Paolo+ Nutini

It's been a long time coming but Paolo Nutini has finally confirmed that his new album is on the way.

More than four years on from the release of his second record, Sunny Side Up, the Paisley lad even has a title and date for his delivery.

It will be called Caustic Love and is to be released in April.

The news was welcomed by fans around the globe after Paolo revealed the release on Twitter.

And there is already lots of speculation over whether the sound will be along the lines of his debut album These Streets, released in 2006, be more soulful like its follow-up Sunny Side Up … or take on an altogether different style.

The completion of the project is a welcome relief for Paolo.

Trips to Italy, new workout regimes and charity projects have helped him to focus after what started out as a rocky year.

It was in March that Paolo, 26, finally parted ways with his high school sweetheart Teri Brogan.

The two had been seeing one another for 10 years. His first album was based on his relationship pains and it could well be that his on-off relationship with Teri has sparked some more creativity.

There have been whispers in the industry that Paolo scrapped one set of songs as he just wasn’t satisfied they were good enough for album No.3.

But now there is firm news of a release, fans of the Scots singer are getting excited.

One commented on Twitter: “Here’s hoping that Paolo Nutini’s new album is a little less like Sunny Side Up and a little more like These Streets.”

Another added, referring to Beyonce’s unheralded release of her latest album: “Wish Paolo Nutini pulled a Bey and straight up released his album instead of announcing it will arrive in APRIL. That is too far away.”

More speculated that a tour must certainly be on the cards now he has a new album, with one saying: “So, because Paolo Nutini is releasing a new album that means there will be a tour right? Sweet baby Jesus, he better tour.”

Fans must be hopeful now of seeing Paolo on the bill at T in the Park in July. He is a firm favourite of the Balado crowd, having appeared five times at the festival.

With a whole new collection of songs, a Paolo set on the main stage would be a gig to remember.


omfg so excited, his second album was ok it was filled with fun songs but imo wasn't as good as his debut