Blood, boob sweat,& unnecessary tears: 5 questionable things from the '#RichKids of Beverly Hills'

When a show is called #RichKids of Beverly Hills, you can kind of expect what you’ll see when you tune in: Wealthy offsprings spending their parent’s money like it’s a job. Unfortunately for some of these kids, it actually is. The new E! reality show featuring a group of twentysomethings living in Beverly Hills premiered Sunday and the first episode was filled with blood, sweat, and tears. Make that a Beverly Hills Blood Drive, cleavage sweat from too much shopping, and lots of crocodile tears.

Here are 5 of the most questionable things that happened in the first episode:

“Do I look as bitchy in real life?”

That’s a rhetorical question, right? The #richkids trend was started from the blog Rich Kids of Instagram, so it’s no surprise that the photo sharing app played a prominent role in the premiere. And sure, the word selfie had its moment in 2013 but watching best friends Morgan and Dorothy talk about their obsession with taking pictures of themselves and constantly checking for new pictures on their feed is a little scary. Don’t these girls have a job or something better to do? Oh, right. In addition, the graphics for the show are a distracting nightmare. You would think the producers would have a little more respect for the audience and stop with the clearly faked text message transitions and constant clicks and dings and hitting an imaginary like button on someone’s photo. Warning: Do not watch the show on your computer or you will just get confused. And for the record, the # is an official part of the show’s title (cue eye roll.)

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any of yall watch this? ~apparently~ some of them aren't even millionaires oop