Archer Vice 5x02 Review: The A-Team Meets Scarface

On the latest "Archer Vice," the Malory-led cocaine cartel made up of former ISIS employees tries to get its business off the ground by selling 20 kilos of coke in Miami. This means the return of Ron Perlman ("Sons of Anarchy") as Ramon Limon, the former spy for Fidel Castro who has a thing for Sterling.

Ramon is joined by Charles and Rudy, the gay freelance hitmen. The three of them pull a fast one on the ISIS cartel and end up with the cocaine, while all Archer brings home to Cheryl's mansion is counterfeit money. Along the way, Pam gets addicted to coke and starts eating it by the pound. As one does.

Back at the mansion, Cheryl finally demonstrates some singing talent, though she can only do it when nobody is watching -- except Krieger on his creepy spycams. Also, the latest song by "Cherlene" is "40 Miles of Mountain Road," written by Kevin Kinney and Mikel Kinney, with vocals by Jessy Lynn Martens.

Martens will be voicing all of the Kinney-penned songs for the upcoming "Archer" soundtrack, which includes a duet with Kenny "Danger Zone" Loggins.

Best Lines:

Lana: "We all could've hidden our assets if you'd warned us we were about to be arrested for treason!"
Malory: "Oh, for the love of -- how long are you going to throw that in my face?"
Lana: "Probably at least through the weekend."

Cyril: "Only if you promise to periodically micromanage it and emasculate me."
Malory: "Cyril. I would've thought that goes without saying."

Lana: "I'm hoping the mattresses are just mildewy, and not mildewy and dead hooker-y."

Archer: "Potato, po-treason, whatever. But we've been up against terrorists, assassins, the KGB, the IRA, remember? North Korea, cyborgs, help me out."
Lana: "Um, space pirates?"
Archer: "Oh my god, I forgot about the space pirates!"

Archer: "It's 'The A Team; meets 'Scarface.' That makes me ..."
Lana: "Hannibal Montana?"


So, how do you like the new format?