2 big reveals on tonight's 'How I Met Your Mother' & recaps

Last week, Craig Thomas told me that we’d learn the names of Ted’s children in tonight’s episode, and as promised, the mystery was solved! The twist? That’s not the only big reveal in “Unpause.”

And we have an extremely drunk Barney to thank for that...

That Barney earns “16 craploads” a year working for Greg, the man who once took his girlfriend! You remember Greg, who we first learned about in “Game Night,” the 15th episode of the first season.

He’s the guy who made Barney turn into the man he is today — literally. And Barney’s job? PLEASE. No, seriously. As Greg explained it when Barney applied with the company years ago, Barney’s sole task was to “Provide Legal Exculpation and Sign Everything.” So Barney, in a way, has been telling us the answer all along.

Ted's kids' names:

The episode ended on a happier note, luckily. After we saw Lily hop into the mysterious car, we flashed forward in time to Ted and The Mother, who walked out of the hotel in a rush... because The Mother was in labor! “Penny” was looking forward to having a [little] brother, Ted told her, as the group (Ted, baby Penny, The Mother and The Mother’s belly) piled into a car.

Nothing good happens after 2 A.M, Future Ted said, but there’s exceptions to every rule. That night, the exception was named Luke.

Lily stood her ground on Italy, as I’d hoped she would, but things turned ugly when Marshall called her art a “hobby.” And when she called him selfish, he brought up San Francisco. He even went as far as to passive aggressively ask if he and Marvin were her “consolation prize” for not making it in the art world. Low blow, Marshall.

Source - next week is the 200th big episode