Gisele Bundchen Defends Carrying One-Year-Old Daughter While Ride ATV

Gisele Bundchen came under fire for riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on a private Costa Rican beach with her daughter Vivian Lake. Neither was wearing protective headwear.

The supermodel carried the little girl in a sling across the front of her body as they rode up the beach on Jan. 12. Gisele wrapped one arm around the child and used her other arm to steer, according to TMZ.

Costa Rican law requires riders of ATVs wear a helmet while riding on in public areas. The famous mother and child did not have to follow that rule while riding on a private beach.

The mother of two released a statement through her rep giving a defense of her actions. “Gisele was on a private beach driving very, very slow,” her rep told ABC News.

This isn’t the first time little Vivian and her mother have engaged in this reckless behavior. Last March father and husband, Tom Brady, drove the ATV while Gisele sat in front of him carrying their four-month-old daughter in a shoulder carrier across her chest.

Of course, none of them were wearing helmets at the time.