'La Voz Mexico' Contestant Gibran Martiz Found Dead In Veracruz

A former contestant on the Mexican version of NBC talent search show "The Voice" was found dead at the scene of a gun battle between security forces and suspects, authorities in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz said.

The bodies of "La Voz Mexico" contestant Gibrán David Martiz Díaz and another young man who had been kidnapped along with the aspiring singer earlier this month were discovered Saturday night after the shootout in Huatusco, state Attorney General Amadeo Flores said.

Martiz Díaz and the other captive were killed by their captors before the criminals died at the hands of police, according to the preliminary investigation.

The pair were abducted Jan. 7 from their apartment in Xalapa, Veracruz, by armed men wearing state police uniforms, their families said.

Two vehicles parked outside the residence where the shootout took place were reported stolen in another state, Flores said.

Inside the residence, authorities found four rifles, four handguns, a bulletproof vest, uniforms of several different police agencies and two bags of marijuana, the attorney general said.


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