Sheriff Confirms That Justin Bieber's Home Was Not Filled With Drugs, Despite Reports

Despite reports to the contrary, police did not find Justin Bieber's home "filled" with drugs during the raid last week.

The Los Angeles Sheriff reiterated to E! News that police did not see any illegal substances in the Biebs' Calabasas home except for the drugs found in Lil Za's room—which he was subsequently arrested for.

The Sheriff also confirmed that authorities did not see any codeine bottles, containers of drugs or weed throughout the mansion.

There's also speculation that Biebs has a "smoke room" and that the private residence smelled of marijuana during the raid.

However, the Sheriff debunked those rumors and said that no such room was found and that Bieber's home was" well kept and clean" and "didn't smell or have an unusual odor."

So there you have it.

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