Sean Cody Star Suspended From High School for Doing Gay Porn

We’ve heard of people losing their day jobs when it’s discovered they’ve done porn, but it looks like a high-school student has been suspended for filming with Sean Cody.

Queerty is reporting on a Reddit poster claiming to be the cousin of  ”Noel,” who was allegedly “severely bullied” by classmates and suspended for 10 days when his extra-curricular activity became known. The suspension also means he will not be able to graduate in June. While some students are defending Noel and promising to protest his treatment, the principal is threatening “to automatically expel any student who joins in.”

It’s not clear what the legal situation is: If Noel is 18 and attending public school, presumably whatever legal activities he gets up to on his own time is his business. If he’s at a private school, however, administrators have a lot more discretion to make his life hell.

What we want to know is, who was the one who first recognized Noel and started spreading the word around school?

Source if you wanna see noel in action

ONTD, have you been suspended from school because you were sucking dick on camera for $$$?