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There's no cock, so don't go expecting it - but here's the threesome from last night's LOOKING

UPDATE: For anyone still reading, the whole episode is up on Youtube now courtesy of HBO. It won't embed, or I'd add it.


Suffice it to say that ONTD did not, on the whole, love the premiere of LOOKING last night. The people who think it's too white still think it's too white, and some who had been looking forward to it were put off by the ambling pace and casual dialogue.

Watching it on a blurry and stuttering online stream I was a little deflated myself: Half an hour wasn't enough to really establish the characters and situations, so the whole thing did feel a little insubstantial. But when I found a clearer version, I thought it was lovely - a very non-glam view of San Francisco, but for sure the city of MUNI stops and grey skies I know.

So I'm still excited for the rest of the season, and I thought I'd throw ONTD the most skin that we got last night. Don't bother reaching for the lotion: it's considerably less heat than we got way back in the nineties when Littlefinger ate out Jax Teller's underage ass.

(those were the NSFW days)Collapse )

But I think the scene was nicely played, so here it is.

And I guess I need a source or something to post, not just a ripped clip, so, well ... you say the AVClub is banned, mods? Okay, I guess I'll just post this then.

"After a good six months of increasingly intense anticipation (at least within certain circles), Michael Lannan and Andrew Haigh's San Francisco-set HBO series "Looking" finally made its official debut last night. With it came some pretty remarkable expectations that are really no surprise when...Jesus, so much more text under the cut, I don't know that you really need to botherCollapse )

Right. That's great. So there it is, then: a strong A-minus for HBO's LOOKING!

Source: IndieWIRE (although the AVClub was funnier, mods.) and also my totally-fair-use hard drive

Oh and hey, who's the kid? Why, it's the guy from that indie gay musical, Were the World Mine! Nice to see him getting work.Collapse )
Tags: jonathan groff, lgbtq / rights, television - hbo
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