Ed Westwick has sushi lunch with leggy brunette mystery woman

On Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick's character Chuck Bass was talked about for his dating life. Looks like life is imitating art now.

The British star - who was seeing Jessica Szohr in the fall - had a sushi date on Saturday with a statuesque brunette.

Her identity was not known, but one thing is for sure: the beauty has a great pair of pins.

The actor, who moved to Los Angeles from New York City after his hit CW series was canceled, looked appropriately laid back in a red plaid button-down shirt over a white T-shirt and white pants. Brown shoes rounded out the look.

A gold necklace hung from the 26-year-old's neck and he wore a five o'clock shadow well.

The J. Edgar star carried a shopping bag as the pair left the restaurant.

His friend, who has a short brown bob, wore a floral print shift dress and wedge sandals high enough to make her taller than her 5ft 8in companion.

Ed and his Gossip Girl co-star Jessica have had an on-again, off-again relationship since 2008.

The S. Darko actor told Refinery 29 in October that he's enjoying life on the west coast.

'You know I came here in January, and I was only here for a few months,' he said.

'I spent the summer in the UK, but recently came back, and am enjoying being part of the buzz here.'

Ed will be taking his bad boy persona to the big screen next, starring in Julian Fellowe's adaptation of Romeo And Juliet as Romeo's rival Tybalt.

Carlo Carlei is directing the Shakespeare tale, which also stars Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth as the title characters.

Ed told Refinery: 'Julian’s adaptation, what it provides, is a way and a means of a contemporary audience to potentially grasp a little more of the poetry of the language, and the story in general.'

His soon-to-be-released films include the horror comedy Kitchen Sink alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk, and the thriller A Conspiracy On Jekyll Island alongside Minnie Driver, Dianna Agron and AnnaSophia Robb.

His other films in the pipeline are Last Flight and Bone in the Throat.