Alex Turner Says It's Hard To Perform Old Arctic Monkeys Songs In Concert

Arctics have enjoyed a monumental 12 months with return-to-form album AM—their biggest seller since 2007’s Favourite Worst Nightmare. The Sheffield primates put their success down to the creative freedom independent record label Domino allow them.

Singer Alex Turner, 28, revealed: “Laurence Bell, from Domino, who owns the company, was who came to sign us in the first place. He allowed us to try different things. It’s not a situation like you hear about with a label guy in the studio saying: ‘I was looking for this or that.’”

But the lads are just relieved their new material has been so well received, as it means they don’t have to play old hits all the time.

Alex said: “Sometimes it’s tough to get through one of the old ones live. You know, you don’t feel like that anymore. When you tell the same joke 600 times, you won’t hear what it is anymore, but then sometimes like the 601st time you might see something in it you didn’t before.”