George Clooney Fools Matt Damon Again!

What's one of the best pranks around? The "making your friends feel fat" prank, obviously — at least, that's what George Clooney thinks. Oh, and if your friend also happens to be a world-famous actor, it's just that much better.

So it came as no surprise when Clooney's co-star, Matt Damon, admitted he had been the victim of George's latest wiles during the filming of "Monuments Men."

"He had said, 'We're going to get in shape,' and I was like, 'Yeah, I want to get in shape,'"
Damon revealed on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on Tuesday.

Only Matt wasn't seeing the results ... because every few days, Clooney was having his pal's pants taken in between one-eighth and one-16th of an inch. In other words, not enough to be obvious, but enough to be uncomfortable. This left poor Matt wondering how his waistline could be expanding when he was working out so hard.

"I never said anything to him, which he probably loved even more," the father-of-four said with a laugh. It turns out, not only did Damon never say anything, but he reportedly only found out about it after reading an interview in which Clooney admitted his scheme!

It's probably worth noting that the exact same prank was pulled on "Glee" last season, before "Monuments Men" was shot. It's also probably worth noting that back in 2009, Clooney pulled the exact same prank on Damon while he was staying at George's famed manse in Lake Como. Yes, you read that correctly.

This leaves us with two burning questions: First, is it possible that Matt is so trusting that he had wiped the slate clean after Clooney did this to him the first time and effectively forgotten all about it? And second, does George Clooney watch "Glee?"

We like to think that the answer to both of these queries is yes.


Can't decide if Damon is a little dumb or just too trusting since this happened to him twice. Best pranks you played/experienced, ONTD?