Bay Area Band That Started Pizza Punk Trend Threatens to Kill and Sue Macaulay Culkin


The Bay Area's Personal and the Pizzas want to kill then sue Macaulay Culkin over pizza. Who will win this war of the slices and live to say, "Keep the change, you filthy animal"?

Pizza and music go together like parties and fun, so it’s no surprise that pizza-themed music has been snagging headlines as of late. Music blogs have been heating up all winter long with talk of new pizza projects from seasoned pros and musical novices alike. In mid-December, alt-rockers the Foo Fighters treated patrons of Moorpark, California’s Rock 'n' Roll Pizza to a two and a half hour set (their first gig since October 2012). With the Foos’ performance coming just days after the announcement of child-star turned joke-rocker Macaulay Culkin’s new pizza-centric musical project, we have to wonder if Mac inspired the Foos to hop on the pizza train.

Oh, you didn’t hear? Macaulay Culkin is back on the scene with a brand new pizza-themed Lou Reed/Velvet Underground cover band. That’s right; let that sink in. We can’t be sure if the plan for the band was hatched before or after the Velvet Underground's iconic frontman, Lou Reed, passed away. But we can be sure that Mac is no stranger to mixing pizza with art...and let’s just assume that when Culkin emancipated himself from his money-hungry parents in 1996 at age 16, his diet consisted largely of pizza (this seems like a reasonable guess to me).

Pizza Underground unleashed their cheesy tunes to a bar full of raucous Brooklynites, all hopped up on the free pizza and orange soda that circulated the room (you have the chance to relive this when they play San Francisco on March 5th). And of course they had fans at their first “show” (it was an 8-minute performance, where the band mimicked the Velvet Underground’s traditional black-on-black style). As the Daily Beast’s Caitlin Dickson put it, “what culturally-conscious Brooklyn 20 or 30-something wouldn’t stand outside in 35 degrees to catch a glimpse of Kevin McAllister singing pizza-themed adaptations of songs they’ve been listening to on Spotify ever since Lou Reed died?" By mid-December, it seemed like the Pizza Underground was on top of the world, but as it turns out, Mac’s not the first person to sing about pizza.

As word of Culkin and Co.’s "hilarious" pizza-punk concept made its way westward, pioneering pizza punx and Bay Area tough guys, Personal and the Pizzas, rolled up their sleeves and prepared for a fight. You see, Personal and the Pizzas have been serving up hot tracks dripping with delectable pizza puns since 2010 and haven’t received even a small slice of big attention for it.

eMusic reached out to the Bay Area bad boys for their reaction to Culkin’s wayfarer-wearing, wannabe beatnik band. Not surprisingly, Personal had some heated words for Culkin and his cronies:

“First we’re gonna kill em!

THEN! we’re gonna sue em!




Kill first, sue later, got it.

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