Mariah Carey is too good for Vegas

How much money would Mariah Carey need to relocate to the Vegas Strip, a la Celine Dion? Oh, just a billion-dollar transaction. Nick Cannon was in Vegas on Thursday, and I asked him what it would take for him and his wife to perform a nightly Mr.-and-Mrs. showroom gig on the Strip. "I mean, me - it probably wouldn't take that much. Mariah? Somebody's gonna have to give her a hotel!" Cannon said.

Cannon is a comedian, so he was joking. I think. Probably. Cannon was here to host the Variety magazine Breakthrough Awards in the LVH showroom. He also DJ'd around the Strip again while in town. On the red carpet, I teamed up with People magazine's Mark Gray and US Weekly's Mike Doria. Gray asked Cannon how he and Mariah keep their marital flame alive.

"Lots of sex!" Cannon said. He said their kids are almost 3, they're reading, and they're musical. He reads "Goodnight Moon" to them. Which movies does the family watch over and over? "Every 'Shrek'," Cannon said. "I know 'em all, back to back."