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Kreayshawn Updates - Interview, VLogs, New EP

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It's ya favorite update! Kreayshawn interview, new VLogs, and hints at a new EP:

It’s 2013 and nearly 3 years since Bay Area artist Kreayshawn released her viral you tube hit single “Gucci Gucci”. This track was quickly followed by a recording contract, 3 tours around the US and overseas and Kreay’s debut album Somethin Bout Kreay under Columbia Records in 2012.

Along the way, Kreayshawn has been featured on over a dozen songs with artists such as 2chainz, Juicy J, Bukkwheat Bill and up and coming Swedish rapper Yung Lean. She has even directed music videos for Lil b the based god, YKG artist Chippy Nonstop, and Iamsu. Kreayshawn ventured into the DJ world as KJ Dreayshawn and has released a few mixes on her DJ soundcloud account. Most recently she collaborated on a 72 handpicked song mix with Bay Area’s DJ Daghe.

Robbie: So, first off Kreayshawn, how are you today and how has your life been outside the music/art world?
Kreayshawn: Hello. I have been well. Today is the day after Thanksgiving. I had a lot of people over including many of Young Klout Gang members. We cooked and watched you tube videos on the big screen. Well, I didn’t cook. I suck at cooking. I don’t even attempt it. But, I have been good outside of the music and art world. I had a baby in September. He’s a boy named Desmond. So I have been transitioning to mom-hood. Which has been an amazing journey so far -as gay as that sounds.

Robbie: With all that has happened since your breakout success in 2011, how much has your creative process changed when you’re directing videos, and writing lyrics or even making DJ mixes in 2013?
Kreayshawn: As far as my creative process, things have changed. I do feel a little more restricted then I used to just because when I do things for fun, they do get taken too seriously, which makes me a bit reluctant to share it because I don’t wanna catch flack for just goofing off. So, I always have to think twice before doing something. But as of now, that feeling has been fleeting and I am way less worried about people not understanding my ‘trolls’. Of course coming in so strong, there was a lot expected of me musically as far work ethics. I was kinda just everywhere but now I have a way better head on my shoulders because not only did I learn, I also got older. I mean I came in at 20 and now I’m 24… Wait -I literally just sat here for 5 minutes wondering my age. I thought I was 23. Wow. Anyways. Now that everything I do is expected to be ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ all the time, it does put the pressure on me. I don’t feel like I can release just a fun little video (even though that’s what Gucci Gucci was). I am still trying to find where I fit in. At first I knew right where I fit; right in the internet, but now there is so many people in the lane all doing the same thing (but different). It’s hard to make sense of what you’re really doing. If that makes any sense.

Robbie: As of recent, you have been featured on Yung Lean and Bukkwheat Bill tracks, along with a 72 song DJ mix with Daghe. So how was it working with them and how did those connections come together?
Kreayshawn: I found Yung Lean’s music a while ago but I was really vibin’ off his song ‘Hurt’ and kept tweet quoting his lyrics and sharing his video. He ended up DMing and asking me if I wanted to do a song and I was super down. Now that I am not signed anymore, I feel more freedom to work with whoever and whenever I want without all the papers and business that just makes music stagnate. I worked with Bukk because originally my boyfriend, DJ Two Stacks, was making a song with him and he asked me to get on it -so I did. Then Bukk went to jail for like 5 months or something and we sat on the song while he was in there. It sounded so good we ended up just releasing it ourselves. We all 3 prob will do another colab soon. Daghe is a super cool guy. To me he kind of embodies what the Bay Area represents right now. So when he asked me to pick some songs for a mix it was easy because I love sharing rare tracks and songs I have collected.

Robbie: What really inspired your jewelry collection you have with OK1984?
Kreayshawn: Well the line was inspired by emojis. Just a simple necklace to layer with other looks or wear by itself. I also own a part of the company, so we will also be doing more looks and collabs with other artists.

Robbie: By the way, I just recently played your video game Kreayshawn: The Game. Have you played it yet? How did you like it?
Kreayshawn: Yeah that came out a couple years ago but I did play it. It was awesome but it really doesn’t hold a candle to Grand Theft Auto V.

Robbie: Whats next for you as an artist?
Kreayshawn: Just work on solo music when I get some mom breaks. I am doing more features and also doing some TV production behind the scenes stuff which is where I always and ultimately wanted to be at. Also, I will be exploring the world of web journalism and working on my sophomore release.

Robbie: Some good news?
Kreayshawn: I have a beautiful amazing healthy son.


Kreayshawn also started to do VLogs to talk to fans and keep them updated about her life. View the first in her new VLog series under the cut:

This my first vlog. I am talking about nothing just about how I am gonna do vlogs and what I did this year.

Here's the link to the jewelry too

Now that Kreayshawn's unsigned she's more been a lot more vocal about both her past and what she plans to do in the future. While stating her dissatisfaction with how Somethin' Bout Kreay turned out, she's been hinting at putting out new music, in particular an EP produced by boyfriend/baby daddy DJ Two Stacks on her twitter and tumblr:

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Tumblr Source

This has been ya Kreay-Kreay update. What kind of songs do you want to hear from her?
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