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Jenelle Evan's Discusses Abortion, Current Pregnancy, & Courtland

Her Abortion & Current Pregnancy

I don't regret the abortion. I think I'm prepared for the backlash. I just don't want people judging me off the abortion for this new pregnancy. I want them to understand why I did it and where I was at and where I am now and how much better I am now and that it's OK to have a baby now.

Due Date & Baby Names

I am 16 weeks along now and due June 29th 2014. I let Nathan pick the guy's name which is Kaiser, but we haven't picked a middle name yet and if it’s a girl it’s going to be Lydia Marie.

Nathan As A Father Figure

Jace likes Nathan a lot. Nathan's like, "That's my little Buddy, right?" and Jace is like, "Yeah, I'm your buddy!" They get along perfect. Nathan plays cops and robbers with him and Indians and cowboys. He's really, really interactive with Jace, and I think Jace really appreciates that. He's not just ignored when he comes to our house.

Jace's Reaction To The Pregnancy

He's really excited. Every time we go out to the store, he's like, we can get that for the new baby! He keeps asking me when's the baby going to come out, why is it taking so long? He'll change from "I want a boy" to "I want a girl."

Courtland [Who Allegedly Found Out About Her Abortion From The TM2 S5 Trailer] Getting Released From Jail

Courtland and I have moved on from each other, and are both very happy! I wish him the best, and wish him nothing but happiness! 2014 will be a year of sobriety, happiness, and new beginnings for both of us!

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