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Madonna enjoys a holiday with Timor Steffans in his hometown of Rotterdam

It seems things have been getting pretty hot and heavy between Madonna, 55, and her 26-year-old new boytoy, Timor Steffens, whom she met last fall when he performed in her art project.

The two were seen continuing their European love tour in backup dancer Timor's home town of Rotterdam in the Netherlands last week.

According to RadarOnline, they reportedly spent the night aboard a luxury yacht once owned by opera singer Maria Callas, which has now been transformed into a bed and breakfast.

Owner Willem Post told local media he realized a superstar was among his guests when she came to breakfast.

'A blonde woman in an expensive bathrobe and a young guy came to the table,' he said. '…When I realized it was Madonna, I pretended I didn’t recognize her.

'I only spoke with her briefly. She found Rotterdam a beautiful city with unique architecture and was interested in the history of the ship.'

Locals later spotted the duo sharing an intimate date night on January 8 at Japanese restaurant Ono in the heart of the Dutch city - photos of which were posted to a Dutch website.

A waitress, Eileen, told local media: Madonna 'came in with her hood up and a thick jacket, so I did not recognize her. But then I saw Timor, and I thought, "oh that must be Madonna."'

Staff seated them in a back corner for more privacy, and Eileen said, 'they had a really good time.'

'They were very cozy together, held hands' and even kissed at the table, said another restaurant worker, Wing Sai.

According to local reports, they spent the night at the nearby Hotel New York and Madonna left by private jet the next day.

She did not meet Timor's mother, who lives in the city.

However, the dutch woman told local media she has faith in her son's relationship.

The couple’s ongoing winter holiday she says, is 'something you do with someone you cherish, that you can talk to and be intimate with.'

Such a romantic adventure comes on the heels of a festive New Year's Eve spent together at a party in Gstaad, Switzerland thrown by designer Valentino Garavani.

In a photo taken by Valentino's partner Giancarlo Giametti, the Material Girl is hanging onto her alleged new lover, with sunglasses on, large J-Lo style earrings and ample cleavage spilling out from her tight back top.

Clearly not shedding tears over the December split from her last paramour, Brahim Zaibat, 25, the blonde looked to be in excellent spirits and ready to ring in 2014.

A guest told RadarOnline: 'The chemistry between Madonna and Timor was pretty intense.'

The Dutch dancer also joined Madonna on her recent family skiing trip to Switzerland.

In a number of Instagram shots, Timor is seen posing with Madonna's 13-year-old son Rocco, suggesting that he is already friendly with the family.

Madonna is said to have been working with Timor on a dance project over the last few months.

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