Cara Delevingne shows off toned torso as she strips down in sea for movie role


Cara Delevingne has been pictured filming more scenes for up-coming movie The Face Of An Angel, in the Mediterranean Sea off the North coast of Italy.

The 21-year-old grimaced and groaned as she was made to splash about the in the chilly sea, with temperatures reaching no more than a lowly 9 degrees in the town of Rimini.

Wearing a checked pair of bikini bottoms and a plain black top the star was able to flaunt her catwalk-ready physique as she waded around.


Directed by Michael Winterbottom, the movie is set around a journalist and a documentary filmmaker who chase the story of a murder and its prime suspect.

Other A-list stars involved in the much-hyped thriller include Kate Beckinsale and Inglourious Bastards star Daniel Brühl.

Cara plays Melanie, a student studying Italian and working in a bar in Siena. There, she meets and befriends Thomas, a documentary film-maker covering the murder trial, played by the brilliant Daniel (Bafta-nominated for his portrayal of Niki Lauda in Rush).

Cara was seen stripping as she stepped onto the beach, removing her black Dr. Martens first and then unbuttoning her skinny jeans.

The star pulled another of her infamous faces as she then began to remove her socks and her feet touched the wet, cold sand.

Finally, Cara ripped off her t-shirt and headed for the water as a man dressed all in black stood waiting for her on the beach with two fluffy white towels.

Speaking about making the transition from catwalk to silver screen, Cara admitted to MailOnline she was ‘scared to death’ about the whole experience.

She said: ‘I’ve got so much to learn, but I do know that you can’t learn to act if you don’t experience real life as well.’

The 21-year-old added: ‘Modelling is a great job, and I appreciate everything it has brought me, but it’s not my passion.

‘As far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to act. We were going through all these old home videos recently, which I’d never seen before, and there were shots of me acting on a mocked-up stage.’