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Being Human (US) 402 Preview + Pics + Discussion

"Being Human" season 4 premiered Monday, Jan. 13, and during a recent press call, series stars Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath and executive producer Anna Fricke spoke about some of the shocking events of "Old Dogs, New Tricks."

As the "Being Human" season 4 premiere revealed, Kenny is still around in the city – but he's no longer deformed. He's now running Boston, with Blake going around and doing his grunt work. "It's absolutely brought up," Fricke said of his non-deformities. "It's part of his storyline and a general part of who he is now and his sort of new incarnation and it's definitely dealt with very early." Witwer added, "[It's] dealt with dramatically. There's not just a line about it. There's actual story material there."

"Old Dogs, New Tricks" also saw that Aidan and Nora have bonded with Josh stuck in werewolf form in the months that have passed. "We really liked it because we'd been at odds before," Witwer said. "[Aidan is] a little more like Josh. He'd be sort of the surrogate Josh. So he'd be a little bit more wise-cracky. Trying to keep Nora's spirits up, but because it is Aidan it just comes off as sarcastic and moody, but regardless it was fun to just put in little moments that indicated that that relationship had changed."

Finally, the premiere offered a look at some changes for Sally, who managed to escape Donna through her death spot but made a fiery return to the group and witnessed something pretty disturbing. "I feel like she's a lot more grounded," Rath said of her character. "She's choosing her moments better…and she's growing up quite a bit." "There's something that the writers did this year that sent us off in a certain direction where it's made absolutely explicit how much Sally has grown from season 1," Witwer chimed in, with Fricke adding, "I think Sally was in less denial this season. If season 1 is denial…season 4, she just owns it. And that was definitely our intention to track that character into that journey of strength."

In the premiere, Donna tells Sally they're connected. Does she have anything to do with the new Sally? "It's both," Fricke said, but added, "I think it is pure Sally. I think even the Donna stuff is because Sally fought her. …It's mostly Sally because it is Sally owning what she has, as opposed to letting it rule her, she sort of harnesses it."

Promo Pictures & Synopsis for 402: "That Time of the Month"

Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Kat (Deanna Russo) take their relationship to the next level; Aidan encounters someone from his past; Sally (Meaghan Rath) uses her newly acquired powers to help Nora (Kristen Hager) try to free Josh (Sam Huntington).

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Where are my few BHUS fans on here? Last night's episode was crazy!
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